Moonside Lake

Bosses Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Co op Allowed? Yes
Changes in NG+? Yes/No

Moonside Lake is a location in Bloodborne.
A vast, open field of shimmering silver water, Moonside Lake is the location in which the player encounters Rom, the Vacuous Spider. It is found In Byrgenwerth by jumping off of the balcony into the reflection of the moon after using the Lunarium Key. Upon speaking to Willem you will gain 2 insight and he will point towards the ledge you need to jump from.

Moonside Lake Information

Much like The Abyss from Dark Souls this area contains only a boss that once defeated spawns a lamp. When Rom has been defeated and the lamp used for the first time, it will teleport you to right side of the Cathedral Ward where the Lesser Amygdala is.

NPCs in the area

  • None







  • Spider minion, around 800 HP.



If you have played Demon's Souls, think of this as the Phalanx boss. Kill all the spiders and the boss had no real attacks other than ice attacks below (75%?) he can roll over and Launch ice at you. The Spider minions die the same way as the boss. They have Stone masks taking Extremely reduced frontal damage. attack from the side or back if possible. Its easy to 1 shot the spider. (Ng+ Spider minion hp around 800)

Step 1. Kill spiders.
Step 2. Attack boss until it relocates via Teleportation.
Step 3. Kill more spiders while avoiding ice attacks. Continuous dodging while they rain down is effective. While dodging, just keep an eye on your stamina as spiders will probably be jumping at you as well.
Step 4. Repeat Step 2 and 3 until Rom dies.
NG+ Blood echo reward is approximately 126060, using 1 Rune of the moon. (Increases blood echo drop amount)


  • Reminscent of a Dreamcatcher. In Native American folklores, a dreamcatcher is a spiderweb-like device made for catching nightmares from the dreamers with the help of a spider.
  • The Moonside Lake is a large scaled Dreamcatcher which contained an actual spider for catching actual nightmares.


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    • Anonymous

      The Celestial Centipede next to the railings can actually push you onto it and into the lake where you'll melt. Found this out the hard way after I almost died and seemingly magically escaping.

      • Anonymous

        So I'm just sitting in this area, and you can hear a baby crying, like in the cutscene. Does that mean anything?

        • Anonymous

          If you kill all small spiders but a few, Rom does not teleport away and spawning new small spiders.Hence it is easier to fight Rom.At least it did not when I tried it after Rom teleported once.

          • Anonymous

            I just realized there was a Lamp that brings you back to this area. I suppose its there just in case you fall through accidentally after you kill Rom, but couldnt they have added an invisible wall to the ledge if that was the case? Its still a rather cool place to visit though!

            • Anonymous

              so.... is there a point to coming here? post rom that is. it just kinda baffles me why a lamp is here. sure, it can be incase people fall down there post the fight but....isn't that what bold hunters marks are for?

              • Anonymous

                You can lure the smaller spiders away and then dash in get a couple of hits, no need to take out all the mini spiders just keep moving and dodging, lure the smaller ones away to make a dash path.

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