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Fishing Hamlet Priest is a non-player character in Bloodborne.
A priest of the Fishing Hamlet and possibly a survivor of a hunter raid organized by the scholars of Byrgenwerth long ago.

"Byrgenwerth...Byrgenwerth...Blasphemous murderers...Blood-crazed fiends..."
His dialogue changes entirely if you are equipping the Milkweed rune.


This character can be found at the entrance to Fishing Hamlet.
Speaking to him with the Milkweed Rune equipped will change his dialogue and he'll give you Accursed Brew.


  1. While walking around: "Byrgenwerth...Byrgenwerth...Blasphemous murderers...Blood-crazed fiends...Atonement for the wretches...By the wrath of Mother Kos...Mercy for the poor, wizened child...Mercy, of please..."
  2. "Lay the curse of blood upon them, and their children, and their children's children, for evermore. Each wretched birth will plunge each child into a lifetime of misery. Mercy, for the poor, wizened child...Let the pungence of Kos cling, like a mother's devotion..." 
  3. When talked to while the player has the Milkweed Rune equiped: "Curse here, curse there. A curse for he, and she, why care. A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea, source of all greatness, all things that be. Listen for the baneful chants. Weep with them, as one in trance. And weep with us, oh, weep with us...(Gives Accursed Brew)
  4. When talked to again while the player has the Milkweed Rune equiped: "Listen for the baneful chants. A call to the bloodless, wherever they be. A call to the bloodless, wherever they be. Fix your ears, to hear our call."


Other Notes:

  1. He is invincible
  2. He cannot be turned hostile.
  3. Near the houses of the hamlet, it is possible to hear many voices, presumably the baneful chanters listed in the credits and reffered to by him, whispering parts of this NPC's dialogue. (Counted as Sound Effects, so raising the volume of the voices also rises the noise of the ambience, making it difficult to understand most of the lines)




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    • Anonymous

      It’s worth noting that he refers to the orphan as “the poor, wizened child.” My first playthrough, I thought we, the player, were watching the birth of the orphan in that cutscene but that piece of dialogue leads me to believe the people in the fishing hamlet have seen the orphan. That means he’s been just been walking around the beach, living life, and then going back to bed under/in the corpse of Kos to sleep or do whatever tf he does… which is way more disturbing than my previous understanding of the story. This game gets more ****ed up every time I play it.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure if this is known but I managed to trigger an attack animation where he slams very little lightning into the ground by blocking his path in a certain way. He wasn't hostile and did it only once

        • Anonymous

          isn’t it strange that the priest said: “Bloodcrazed fiends.” and the byrgenwerth scholars didn’t want to be involved with bloodhealing

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