Harrowed Hunter

General Info
Location Drops
The Hunter's Nightmare 9401 blood
Simon's Bowblade

Simon, the Harrowed is a non-player character  in Bloodborne. He was added with The Old Hunters DLC

"You seek nightmares, and the secrets within, do you not?"


This character can be found at The Hunter's Nightmare, and later on at Research Hall and Fishing Hamlet

General Information

  • Can this NPC be an ally?: No
  • Can this NPC be an enemy?: Yes
  • Drops: If killed, will give 9401 blood and Simon's Bowblade


Associated Quest

  • Meet him at the first shortcut in the nightmare that leads back to the Hunter's Nightmare lamp. Respond "Nightmares are fascinating" to progress his quest.
    • If you do not speak to Simon, or answer "I've no interest", Simon will remain at this location until you speak to him again and answer "Nightmares are fascinating". His quest will not progress, but does not become unavailable, even if Brador is killed before Simon leaves this location.
  • Appears again in the Underground Corpse Pile near the lamp after defeating Ludwig the Accursed and killing the head of Ludwig.
  • Meet him again in front of the research hall, telling you to kill Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower. Raising the staircase triggers his appearance here.
  • Meet him at the last shortcut in the Fishing Hamlet (Lighthouse Hut lamp) where he parts with you and rewards you the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key and Simon's Bowblade. (Note: he is lying on the ground, not standing as before.)




  • By shortcut back to Hunter's Nightmare lamp:
  • Respond “nightmares are fascinating”:
  • Respond "I've no interest"
  • If he kills Ludwig:
  • At the Research Hall lamp
  • At the Lighthouse Hut lamp:
  • If you attack him:
  • If he dies: "What a rotten place to die..."


Simon is a rather unique character in the world of Bloodborne, having inhabited several different positions in support of and in opposition to the Healing Church, as a Healing Church Hunter. Most likely originating as a simple Yharnam citizen, Simon hailed from the earlier days of the Healing Church's initially glorious (and eventually disturbing) roots. Like many others before and after him, he was a Church Hunter following in the footsteps of Ludwig the Holy Blade who heeded the call to combat the scourge of beasts. Simon admired Ludwig, like most of his time, and saw him as a hero, even after his transformation into a hideously disfigured and grotesque beast. Going by his dialog, it can be inferred that Simon was familiar with Ludwig both in his human years and well after his downfall.

Adding to his distinguishing characteristics, Simon held a strong distaste towards firearms. As the nature of the hunt and the technology used continued to advance towards bigger guns, even those supported by Ludwig himself for hunting larger beasts, Simon distanced himself from his fellow hunters by requisitioning a specially-crafted weapon from the Healing Church Workshop: a bow that could be folded into a blade. A rather isolated figure among the Church Hunters, most scoffed at Simon's choice in arms, with very few of his close friends and confidants actually respecting his tastes and decisions. As the Church Hunters became more proactive and began stalking Yharnam citizens "before the signs of the scourge manifested", Simon joined the ranks of the Church Hunters who hid in the shadows, disguising himself as a common wayward vagabond.

Yet somewhere along the line, Simon grew disillusioned with and possibly even horrified by the Healing Church, and soon aimed to exposed its true misdeeds to the rest of the world. Whether it was the hunt, the stalking of citizens who showed no signs of the scourge, or the discovery of the nefarious experiments being conducted in the name of the Healing Church which led to his disillusionment is unknown. At some point, Simon found a way into the Hunter's Nightmare while retaining his sanity, much like the player Hunter, rather than joining the ranks of the countless old hunters consumed by blood who were condemned to an unending hunt for all eternity. His exact goals were uncertain, however Simon likely intended to put an end to the source of the Nightmare.

However, if the player allows Simon to pursue his quest, once he drew too close to the secrets held within the Nightmare, he catches the attention of the beast garbed assassin of the Healing Church, Brador. Attacked by the man repeatedly, a fatigued and mortally wounded Simon would make his way to the lighthouse hut in the fishing hamlet within the Nightmare, where he would eventually fall to his wounds, but not before imparting his final wishes to a worthy hunter to continue his quest and end the Nightmare once and for all.

Strategy (for early Bowblade)

Attack him a few times with a strong attack until he becomes hostile (sidenote: he will stay hostile for the rest of the game) then let him walk out into the Cathedral. He will shoot three arrows at you - you can simply walk left to avoid for the first two and then walk right for the third one. After that quickly close the gap and empty your stamina bar into him, then quickly jump back because he will use a meele attack. Do this until he is dead and drops the bowblade. I would recommend using at least a +3 weapon.

Used +4 Threaded cane right after finishing Amelia. Aggro him, take him into the cathedral and hit him with the whip. You can get him to walk into a pillar and then hit him without any fear of being hit. Only shoots in increments of three, so very easy to dodge; if he uses the sword form, VERY easy to visceral him.

Other Notes:

  1. The credits name the NPC as Simon, the Harrowed.
  2. I didn't speak with him at the research hall but he still appeared by the Lighthouse Hut lamp
  3. Attacking him will make him hostile and prevent being able to progress further in his quest chain
  4. The quest chain can be initiated and completed even after killing Maria and obtaining the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key. If you have not initiated the quest, he will still be at his first location, near the first lantern. Talk to him there, then you should find him at the Lighthouse Hut lamp. If you have already been by and picked up the Key, he will only give you the bowblade.



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