Yharnam is the city where Bloodborne takes place.
It is a large city consisting of several smaller areas connected with each other. Featuring Victorian and gothic architecture and design, Yharnam is the home of the Healing Church, who discovered a medical remedy that can cure any illness.

Yharnam is named after Yharnnam, Pthumerian Queen

For detailed information on the city's districts, see Locations.
For detailed information on its inhabitants, see NPCs.
For detailed information on the plague afflicting the land, see Lore

If you fancy using anagrams to decipher why Yharnam is called Yharnam, here are some attempts.

Mary anh: Mary refers to Bloody Mary, Ann Boleyn and Mary queen of Scotland were both beheaded.
Mary is also the mother of Jezus Christ, Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen is mother to a godlike infant called Mergo.

Hyanmar: refers to the state Myanmar which has a history of extremely bloody conflict.

And finally, Hary Man: refers to the presence of beasts everywhere.

These are partial anagrams with some connection to bloodborne.
-Mana: Blessed honeydew from God.
-Ama or Amah: Wet nurse

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      If we're going off the theory of how The Painter in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC of Dark Souls 3 is supposedly painting the world of Bloodborne, couldn't Yharnam be a play on "your name", considering The Painter asks your name so she can name her painted world after you?

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