Oil Urn

Oil Urn Alpha

When this urn hits its mark, the target is drenched in oil, and made extremely flammable.

Fire is commonplace on the hunt, and oil urns accentuate its effect.

Sometimes, When hunters burn beasts, they appear intoxicated by the euphoria of purification."

Oil Urn is an projectile Item in Bloodborne. Urn that covers target in oil when thrown.



Oil Urn Usage

  • Projectile that reduces the fire resistance of enemies in a small area by coating them in flammable oil. Effective to use before a Molotov Cocktail.
  • When thrown, applies the Oil status effect to the target. The next time they would be dealt fire damage, they take twice as much damage from that source.







  • Sold by Messengers after gaining Powder Keg Hunter Badge
  • 2x found in Central Yharnam. In the plaza past the mob bonfire, guarded by two Carrion Crows. Break the coffins to access the Urns.
  • 2x found in Central Yharnam, after exiting the sewer docks. Go left and then across the bridge (being mindful of the riflemen and crows), then turn right and head to the end of the path and across the other bridge. To the right, guarded by another Carrion Crow, break the coffins to find the Oil Urns.
  • Rare drop from Were Beast



  • Can be used in conjunction with a Molotov Cocktail for a large amount of fire damage on a single target, even at a low level.
  • If the player has a weapon with fire damage (typically via Fire Paper or fire Blood Gems) and uses a visceral attack on a target affected by Oil, only the first weak hit of the visceral attack will have the damage multiplied, making it far less effective.
  • Will increase the first tick of damage from the Flamesprayer, but will not continue to affect the target afterwards.
  • Will increase the damage of fire arrow traps in Chalice Dungeons.
  • Will not increase damage dealt by firearms outside of the Flamesprayer, as they deal Blood damage (or Arcane in the case of the Rosmarinus)



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