Bloodshot Eyeball

Material used in a Holy Chalice rite.

An exquisite eyeball removed quickly after death, or perhaps even before. Used to unlock the seal of the old labyrinth hintertombs.

Bloodshot Eyeball is a consumable material Item in Bloodborne.


Bloodshot Eyeball Usage





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    • Anonymous

      13 Mar 2018 12:55  

      There's also one in Hemwick Charnel Lane in one of the houses upstairs on a shelf.
      You don't need to fight the Witches to get three and get to the first Hintertomb Chalice.

      • Anonymous

        12 Dec 2017 03:10  

        One of these just dropped from the Witch before Ludwig in the DLC, only happened once in god knows how many kills.

        • rare drop as an item05 Jul 2016 14:47  

          Hi there, I just farmed one in Hypogean Gaol from the Head Hunter Woman enemies who usually drop pebbles. I listed the enemy name like that in the wiki since I can't find their real names but Just a cool FYI

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