Bloodshot Eyeball

Material used in a Holy Chalice rite.

An exquisite eyeball removed quickly after death, or perhaps even before. Used to unlock the seal of the old labyrinth hintertombs.

Bloodshot Eyeball is a consumable material Item in Bloodborne.


Bloodshot Eyeball Usage





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    • Anonymous

      The witches in Chalice Dungeons also drop them on occasion, if not pebbles or blood gems. This includes both the variant that summons Mad Ones and those that attack you with melee only.

      • Anonymous

        There's also one in Hemwick Charnel Lane in one of the houses upstairs on a shelf.
        You don't need to fight the Witches to get three and get to the first Hintertomb Chalice.

        • Anonymous

          One of these just dropped from the Witch before Ludwig in the DLC, only happened once in god knows how many kills.

          • Hi there, I just farmed one in Hypogean Gaol from the Head Hunter Woman enemies who usually drop pebbles. I listed the enemy name like that in the wiki since I can't find their real names but Just a cool FYI

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