Bloodtinge Gemstone

A blood Gem that fortifies weapons and adds various properties. Blood gems are especially rare blood stones that grow on coldblood.

Blood gems are kneaded into weapons using workshop tools, but only when of matching shape.

Circular blood gems are normally used to fortify firearms.

Bloodtinge Gemstone is a material Item in Bloodborne. They can be slotted in to Blood Gem Imprint slots in guns to add an effect to a weapon.


Bloodtinge Gemstone Information

  • Improves blood ATK when slotted in a Weapon





  • Excellent spot to farm cursed bloodtinge gems (possibly the best Bloodtinge gems for Lost Chikage and firearms?) Video - Farming method and location
    Glyph with Blood-starved Beast as first boss: jvz8469j (Lower Loran Root Chalice; C/F/R)



  • Despite its lower rating, the bloodgem from the Shotgun Watcher outclasses the best bloodgem from the Blood-starved Beast on strong weapons like the Chikage, Simon's Bowblade or Evelyn. However, on weaker weapons like Ludwig's Rifle the opposite is true. If you have low bloodtinge the gems from the Blood-starved Beast will always be superior.
    The bloodgem from the Shotgun Watcher cannot be obtained at rating 19 (at least nobody found it yet).




Blood ATK UP +% Blood ATK UP +flat Curse Location
bloodtinge_gemstone-circle1.png Bloodtinge Gemstone (1) 1 +1.8%* -   *Old Yharnam
2 - -    
3 - -    
4 - -    
Bloodtinge_Blood_Gemstone_(2)_circle_small.png Bloodtinge Gemstone (2) 5 - -    
6 - -    
7 +12.6%* -   *Healing Church Workshop
Bloodtinge_Blood_Gemstone_(3)_circle_small.png Bloodtinge Gemstone (3) 8 - -    
9 +11.3% -    
10 +12.6% -    
Bloodtinge_Damp_Blood_Gem_(4)_circle_small.png Damp Bloodtinge Gem (4) 11 - -    
12 - -    
13 - -    
Bloodtinge_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_circle_small.png Damp Bloodtinge Gem (5) 14 +15.1% +6   BsB in Ailing Loran
15 +15.8% +6.3   BsB in Ailing Loran
16 +16.4% +6.8/+6.3/+6   BsB in Ailing Loran
Bloodtinge_Damp_Blood_Gem_(6)_circle_small.png Damp Bloodtinge Gem (6) 17 +17% +6.8   Blood-starved Beast in depth 5 chalice dungeons
18 +17.6% +7.3/+7   Blood-starved Beast in depth 5 chalice dungeons
19 +26.1% /+18.3% - / +7.3/+6.8   Blood-starved Beast in depth 5 chalice dungeons
placeholder.png Abyssal Blood Gem 20 - -    
Cursed versions
placeholder.png Cursed Damp Blood Gem (5) 14        
16 +29,3%   random curse  
placeholder.png Cursed Damp Blood Gem (6) 17 +30,4% / 26,7% - / +6,8 random curse  
18 +31.5%   random curse Shotgun Watcher
19 +28,7% +7,3 random curse Blood-starved Beast in depth 5 chalice dungeons
placeholder.png Cursed Abyssal Blood Gem 20        




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    • Anonymous

      Radials drop from the big Research Hall patents in the DLC. So far I've only found 9.6% ones, but I think they could drop a little higher.

      • Anonymous

        Level 4 gems can drop from the blood lickers in hunters nightmare if you just want some half decent gems without grinding to depth 5

        • Anonymous

          Just got a cursed R15 with +28,1% Blood and -7,6% Atk from a shotgun watcher in the fixed Great Pthumeru Ihyll Dungeon. I'm pretty sure that that's not right because there is no curse active and every other gem i found until now wasn't cursed.

          • Anonymous

            Not sure why the shotgun watcher farm (31.5%) glyph is not mentioned, it is y592byza. If you are going for off-shapes, be prepared to farm this guy a whole lot.

            • Anonymous

              Blood-Starved Beast in Hunter's Nightmare dropped me a Dampe Bloodtinge Gem (5) Rating 15 +15.8% Add +6. I think this is the earliest point you can get a good Bloodtinge gem. It almost requires you to take out the gatling gun hunter tho which can be a real pain. But I'Ve gone in there and killed this beast at very low levels and with something like a +3 saw cleaver. Like I said tho, the gatling gun hunter is the worst. Best to BMA him with a repeating pistol.

              • Gonna have to connect the class cells together, but I'm not yet sure which class corresponds to which rating, so proceed with care. Also, I don't know how to connect single cells but not rows.

                • I don't believe the appearance of these in chalices are related to visceral kills. In fact, I know they aren't as two appeared in my runs earlier feeding on a corpse that I killed when I didn't even kill it with that type of attack. However, one thing is certain, they only feed on specific types of enemies in Chalices such as the ogres (and type), long haired screaming chick, and the knight with the long sword.

                  All you have to do is kill them, leave the room and check back and there is a chance one appears. I don't believe there is any rhyme or reason to it other than just a random occurrence to specific monsters.

                  • Anonymous

                    I have a 26.1% bloodtinge gem with no curses and I'm absolutely sure I've never killed nor seen a blood-starved beast in my entire playthrough. Sadly, I'm not sure where it came from. I'll try to connect some dots and check replays for possible evidence on where it came from. But until then, I know that I've done glyphs: "wma2" and "kecz" recently and could be the culprits. I also didn't have on any Eye Runes (extra item discovery) while I did thsee dungeons. I do visceral almost every enemy I kill. And I also did both of these dungeons twice and with a friend both times if that makes a difference to anyone.

                    • Anonymous

                      Let's say the number next to the gem name is the level [Bloodtinge Gemstone (2), and the three-bar icon shown underneath is the ranking. Why in the world would a level 2, rank 7 bloodtinge gem give a 12.6% bloodATK boost, yet a level 3, rank 7 one gives 11.3% ? This is quite disappointing.

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