Blood-Starved Beast

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
3470 6600 Old Yharnam Pthumeru Chalice
4536 3565 Hintertomb Chalice Lower Hintertomb Chalice
27258 46514 Ailing Loran Chalice Ailing Loran Root Chalice
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
108 108 108 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
108 160 55 160
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 180 Yes No

Blood-Starved Beast (血に渇いた獣 Chi ni kawaita kemono lit. "Blood-thirsty Beast"), also known as the Thirsty Beast, is an optional boss in Bloodborne. This malformed beast has had all of the skin peeled off its back, making for a truly gruesome sight. Capable of extremely quick and agile attacks, this erratic and unpredictable enemy is a truly formidable foe, whether you choose to face it alone or with other Hunters at your side.    

Blood-starved Beast Information






Combat Information

  • Weak to Fire Damage.
  • Strong against Arcane and Bolt damage.
  • For the fight make sure you have several Antidotes on your quick slot. (If you're out of antidotes, there are 3 in the back of the altar in the boss room )
  • In all three stages, the Blood-starved Beast can be parried.
  • Blood-starved Beast is classified as a beast so anything that increases damage vs. Beasts will increase damage against it.
  • All of the Blood-starved Beast's attacks are focused in front of her and she has no side attacks. Staying to her side/behind will always produce an opening.
  • In its second and third phase, the Blood-starved Beast tends to attack in a succession of 5 or 6 swipes. These swipes have bad tracking and the boss will continue attacking in the general direction even if the hunter dodges behind it. Take advantage of this and retaliate while it whiffs.
  • The Blood-starved Beast is susceptible to Pungent Blood Cocktail, which will distract it for a short time, leaving it open to attacks.
  • Using the Black Church Set is a good idea as it has a good deal of Slow Poison RES.
  • The Yharnam Hunter Set and Gascoigne's Set both provide high Slow Poison RES and are available before the Blood Starved Beast.

The Blood-starved Beast has three phases that is signified when it stops and roars:

  1. Phase I: 100% hp - The boss is slow-moving and has very limited attack combos.
  2. Phase II: 66% hp - In addition to normal move set, it gains a couple attack combos and will now dodge away after each of its attacks, allowing one or two attacks before it moves. Its hits now build up Slow Poison.
  3. Phase III: 33% hp - In addition to the previous move set, it gains a couple of attack combos and becomes more aggressive with its attacks. Slow Poison liquid now spouts from the beast's body during its attacks.





Strategies & Attacks

Strategy 1 (Flamesprayer)

An easy way beat the beast (I've done it with only one Antidote and ~4-5 Blood Vials, level doesn't matter for this method). The requirement for this method is to have a Flamesprayer, which you can acquire from Gilbert after entering the citadel. You will also need 16 Blood Stone Shards (if possible) to upgrade it to +3, increasing the efficiency greatly.

The Blood-starved Beast is very weak to fire in all three stages. Use the Flamesprayer whenever he's in range (you can experiment with the ranges before going to him) to ramp up the multiplier. Whenever you see that he wants to move on to the next stage, rush him and keep spraying. He is immobile in that time which allows you to build up a multiplier (see Flamesprayer page for details). As a result the beast is taking tons of damage, and your job is to simply dodge the three attacks he can do when taking tons of damage (the claw rush, the grab and the claw attack), which are his main 3 attacks anyway. What's more important is that using the sprayer does not consume stamina, and does not force you to be immobile, meaning dodging his fast attacks is less of a problem.

Overall this method is very safe compared to the parry method (which simply involves parrying all of his attacks) and is relatively low on resource use. If you run out of bullets, you can press up on the d-pad to get 5 more (at the price of a bit of health).

Strategy 2 (Alfred Decoy)

Make sure you have some insight so you can summon Alfred. He will aggro the beast most of the time, giving you a chance to stay at the back and try and use charge up attacks. Alfred uses the Kirkhammer and hits very hard, however, his aggression can get him killed so you can't let him tank the beast on his own. He will hold the attention of the beast quite well allowing you to get behind and score some charged up R2 attacks. Time it right and you can even score a Visceral Attack on the beast. Get the beast's attention on you throughout the fight to allow Alfred to heal himself up.  Note that Alfred is not available as a summon if you have already defeated Vicar Amelia

Strategy 3 (Dodge to the left)

If you are playing solo I would highly recommend doing this method. As all of his attacks attack either forward or on HIS left side slightly it is recommended to dodge all of his attacks by rolling/sidestepping to the left (his right) for all of his attacks and if possible getting of a couple of free hits after he attacks. This method will work through all 3 stages of the fight but in his 3rd stage it is recommended to play more cautiously because of the slow poison build up.

Strategy 3.1 (Dodge to the left)

As mentioned in the above strat, dodging to the left works great on this boss. To add to it, for the entire first stage you can hug it's leg (your left) and keep swinging without needing to dodge. The slow claw swipe will miss every time. You only need to dodge (I recommend quickstep vs rolling) when he rears up for the big combo. This will still mostly work for the later stages, but you will have to dodge more often. You can however get a few quick hits during or after pretty much every combo it does.

If you are on an Arcane build remember you can parry with the Augur of Ebrietas for some nice damage. I found that I actually did more damage if you follow the parry with two attacks from Ludwig's Ultra Greatsword form rather than doing a viceral.

Strategy 4 (Parry And Visceral Attack)

The Blood Starved Beast is extremely vulnerable to parrying. Shooting him when he raises up his claw during singular swipe, or before the last slash if its rapid slashes will immediately stagger him, leaving him to be riposted by visceral attacks continuously, it barely takes roughly 6-7 Visceral attacks to defeat this beast effortlessly.

Strategy 5 (Ailing Loran Chalice)

This fight can be quite a challenge so I will cover several methods and do remember it is not like the first encounter, for starters he has a lot more health, I went in with a 10+ Ludwig's Holy blade and was only doing around 500 damage in greatsword mode and in the grand scheme of things that is very little damage. One of ways you can beat him while parrying however I suggest things like the Formless Odeon rune which increases maximum bullets along with Odeon Writhe which restores bullets with each visceral attack. In this method you are going to want to be very precise and you should also use the blood bullets. Melee Method- For this you will need some sort of buff Fire paper works best but i used arcane, you will also need a high damage weapon that has long reach or quick slashes. You will need to learn his attacks so you can dodge them effectively (Use chart above) but during his final stage try some parries because they have the potential to do some really good damage.

Strategy 6 (Hintertomb Chalice)

As we all know, the Blood-Starved Beast tends to be a troublesome and tense, yet annoying boss.
However, due to the round arena, the fight can get pretty trivial.
Equip the following:
Treaded Cane +9, 10 Molotov Cocktails and 10 Firepapers.
At the beginning of the fight, lock on onto the Beast and circle the room, facing the creature. It shouldn't attack you.
First of, you throw your 10 Molotov Cocktails at it, all while keeping distance.
After you spend your Cocktails, switch to the second weapon mode of the Treaded Cane, don't forget to imbue it with fire.
Now its just up to you and your reflexes. Try to work with the corners of the room, it may get stuck in there for a few seconds, which can lead to some good hits. Just remember: The more its health depletes, the more aggressive and faster it gets!

Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Claw Swipe Swipes hand across body. Be wary of charging in after the first swipe, as additional attacks may follow if the player remains close. Can be parried.
Lunging Swipe Lunges forward while swiping claws. Be wary of its' speed and the distance it covers. Avoid this attack by dodging to the side. Can't be parried.
Lunging Grab The beast lunges at and grabs the player before biting them. Inflicts Slow Poison. Before executing this attack, the Blood-Starved Beast will momentarily pause. When this happens, prepare to dodge.
Rapid Slashes Extended string of rapid slashing attacks. Each successive slash carries the creature forward. Avoid this attack by dodging to the side. Can be parried.
Poison Explosion After rearing back a cloud of poison shoots out of the beasts' body. A high damage attack with a moderate area of effect. May inflict Slow Poison. Although a risky proposition, opportunistic hunters can get in some free hits while the creature prepares for this attack.



Notes & Trivia

  • In the church after Djura in Old Yharnam, there is a crucified Blood-Starved Beast hanging in the center of the room.
  • The Beast Patients beneath this corpse have formed a circle around her and they are chanting.
  • On the altar several gold embossments depict The Moon Presence. It is of course concealed and you'll have to look closely.
  • The limbs of Blood-starved Beast very much resemble the tails of The Moon Presence.
  • When she perform her "poison explosion" she can mimic the form of Manus' horns with her flaps.
  • In the encounter in Old Yharnam, it is possible for the Blood-Starved Beast to become stuck in the wall above the alcove behind the altar. If hit with a high-reaching weapon (tested with the Hunter Axe), the Beast can be defeated by effectively forcing it underneath the world.
  • Lore theories exist under Blood-Starved Beast & Old Yharnam Lore.




    • Anonymous

      09 Aug 2019 21:40  

      Late to the game, but jist went against this dillhole on the lost Loran lvl 2. Kudos to the cats for the circle left strategy. Maybe used three potions tops and no antidotes, just keep circling left and or dodge left on his swing then wail away. With a lvl 9 hunternaxe (2h form), lvl 102 with 42 into vit and 50 into str. 26 endurance. Circle left made this fight cale, way easier than the other two times.

      • Anonymous

        08 Jun 2019 23:19  

        Once this guy went into his second phase, I threw a pungent blood cocktail at him and he just stood there screaming. I threw like 6 molitavs at him until he died. It turned into a cheese but whatever. I was shocked he didn't move the whole rest of the fight, but I'm not complaining.

        • Anonymous

          26 May 2019 18:32  

          Slow poison resis +200 rune and dodging left always = these two strat help me whooped his ass easily in Chalice (with 400+ slow poison resis I didn't even have to use antidote lol)

          • Anonymous

            18 Mar 2019 01:51  

            The one that sits inside the cave with the obnoxious gatling gun hunter will aggro everything except beast patients. You can lure him out and he will kill almost all the enemies in the area. Mine made it all the way to the rifle wielding hunters on the bridge before they killed him.

            • 03 Mar 2019 15:47  

              The chalice dungeon is a bit of a different fight, learn the attacks and play it safe because he will bend you over in a heartbeat. Viscerals make it much easier.

              • Anonymous

                21 Jan 2019 09:26  

                "You can summon Alfred for this fight if you have the Old Hunter Bell and have not defeated Vicar Amelia yet." Hey genius, this should be on amelia's page.... since most people tend to fight her first...

                • Anonymous

                  05 Jan 2019 18:53  

                  What if blood starved beast is the wolf from the Grimm Brothers' fairytale? He ate the Redhood and took her clothes just like he did with the granny...

                  • 30 Dec 2018 05:51  

                    'No Effort' Strat ─ Requirement: Pungent Blood Cocktail, Beast Blood Pellet, Fire Paper, and Saw Cleaver (or any weapon). [First encounter with boss] When entering the boss room, go right immediately, at the fourth pillar, use Beast Blood Pellet and Fire Paper, throw Pungent Blood Cocktail into the corner, abuse transformation attack, and it should be done with 2 or 3 Pungent Blood Cocktail. But if it's your second encounter, use Beast Blood Pellet and Fire Paper before entering the fog wall.

                    • 18 Dec 2018 16:03  

                      Theory : Do I am the only one who think that the red hood that wear both Slave Knight Gaël and the Blood-Starved Beast may be a proof that both are on the same world ??? And Gael is starving for the Dark Soul while the BSB is starving for blood (and Gael mention the "Old Blood" during his transformation) Plus they have like the same attitude, with being on their hands and knees even if we see that they have hands and feet like human, and being very agressive

                      • Anonymous

                        26 Oct 2018 09:03  

                        For the old yharnam fight , you just need to hit it with a long form weapon like rifle spear - for the first part of the fight and then dodge when it goes mad . And then head behind the altar when it gets more aggressive. This effectively traps him in a small area. After it follows just throw pungent blood cocktails at whichever way it comes round and then lay into it when it’s back is turned jump back when it turns and repeat , I did it without needing to use antidote , fire paper and only one blood vial and I’m no wonder gamer it really is that easy .

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Oct 2018 18:43  

                          In the ailing loran chalice I'm finding chikage with high rapid poison to be very effective. As long as you can dodge his grab 5 to 6 hits will trigger the build up

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Aug 2018 23:03  

                            Sides are safe my ass, I keep getting grabbed when I dodge past her, *****ing hell she triggers me I only need some good gems, but this ***** just stops me from having fun, 450 per hit and 27k hp q.q

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Aug 2018 17:31  

                              I think this boss is a transformed chappel dweller. I mean, just compare him to the chappel dweller. They look awfully similar.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Jun 2018 15:20  

                                Died a few times so decided tonight was the night, got new poison resist gear, summoned Alfred and put some fire paper on my axe. Made sure I had antidote to spare and even leveled up arcane so I could use the flame thrower. After everything was set I ran in dodged and hit the bugger. Tried to get lock but couldn’t spun around... couldn’t see him at all. Began to hunt... no sign of the beast. After five seconds I got the boss defeated message, so after all that he glitched out and died, robbing me of my first victory over him in my first ever play through. Kind of anticlimactic

                                • Anonymous

                                  25 May 2018 22:49  

                                  Beat it on the first try. Dodge, attack, few Molotovs, a fire paper in the last stage just to finish it off quickly

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Mar 2018 18:26  

                                    Super easy fight if you simply maintain left dodge and strafe the entire battle. Throw an oil urn and a few molotovs at the outset (as he approaches) to take its health down by nearly a third before even striking a single blow.

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