Great Ones (上位者 Jōisha lit. "Superior One") are beings that were researched at Byrgenwerth by Laurence and Willem. Little is known about their nature, their motives, and how many there are. Some Great Ones are elite Bosses in Bloodborne. The 6 Great Ones that the player can fight are listed below. Please click the specific page for more information.



Great Ones



Celestial Emissary

Location Upper Cathedral Ward
Drops Communion
Weaknesses Thrust, Bolt and Fire


Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

Location Altar of Despair
Drops Great Isz Chalice
Weaknesses Thrust, Bolt and Fire



Mergo's Wet Nurse

Location Nightmare of Mensis
Drops Third Umbilical Cord
Weaknesses Arcane, Fire, Bolt and Rapid Poison


Moon Presence

Location Hunter's Dream
Drops Blood Echoes (230000)
Weakness Arcane, Fire and Bolt


Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Location Moonside Lake
Drops Kin Coldblood (12) x1
Weaknesses Bolt, Fire, Arcane

    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2018 13:23  

      Is Mergo’s Wet Nurse really a great one? Because after you kill the Moon Presence wich is a great one the « Nightmare Slain » line appears immediately unlike The Wet Nurse, which comes a bit after. My theory is that the Wet Nurse isn’t a great one, but a really powerful enemy that is ordered to protect Mergo the infant great one, by Formless Odeon, and in the end of the nightmare of mensis what makes the « Nightmare Slain » line appear is that during your battle with the wet nurse, Mergo is killed or hurt really badly and the line only appears not after the death of the wet nurse but when Mergo’s cries are silenced

      • Anonymous

        05 Jan 2018 00:18  


        Are Rom, Ebrietas, and the Celestial Emissary (and arguably, perhaps even the Moon Presence) true Great Ones? Or are they ascended Kin of the cosmos?

        My impression of the Orphan of Kos is it is NOT a true Great One, simply because it is only a shade/specter/ghost of the Great One it could have been—had it not been dissected/slain in the waking world by the Church.

        • Anonymous

          24 Nov 2017 01:01  

          Still got no idea what Rom the spider is supposed to be,,, I mean it's a cool fight and all but what exactly is that spider that makes more spiders.

          • Anonymous

            02 Sep 2017 15:28  

            A few great ones missing: oeden, orphan of kos, kos itself, you, the eye thing in the nightmare and how come mergo's wetness is listed as one but not mergo

            • Anonymous

              01 Sep 2017 16:35  

              Is Mergo's wet nurse 'Oedon'? Formless Oedon is mentioned quite a bit while 'Mergos Wet Nurse' isn't the creature's actual name but a reference to the function it performs for the 'child of a great one' Mergo. The wet nurse is also...well..formless - or at least mostly invisible.

              • Anonymous

                29 Jun 2017 17:50  

                Rom, Ebrietas, and The Celestial Emissary are all created, making them not true great ones, while Amygdala, Mergo's Wet Nurse, And The Moon Presence can only be fought in dreams and nightmares, and are not kin, but great ones, plus grant the NIGHTMARE SLAIN prompt at death

                • Anonymous

                  18 Jan 2017 12:07  

                  This is definitely inspired by HP Lovecraft's work. Cthulhu and his buddies. Cthulhu himself is one of the Great Old Ones although above them are Outer Gods.

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Jan 2017 21:09  

                    This is wrong. Great Ones are defined as having ascended to a higher plane of existence. Ebrietas and Rom were "left behind", implying that she did not ascend, and the celestial emissary was created by the choir as a medium between them and the great ones. This is confirmed by the fact that all three of these characters are considered as "kin" by the game, whereas Mergo's Wet Nurse, the Moon Presence, and the Amygdala are not tagged as "kin".

                    • Anonymous

                      Eye Great One05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                      The body of eyes in the nightmare of mensis is also a great one. And so is oedon who is formless though they aren't bosses.

                      • Anonymous

                        Order05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                        Im told you need to beat these in order before ng+ to get all the chalices? Is this true? If so, in what order?

                        • Anonymous

                          WRONG!05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                          Only Moon Presence, Amygdala and Mergo's Wet Nurse are Great Ones. They all bleed dark red corrupted blood, the old blood. The other ones are Kin of the Cosmos, those bleed serum, an ambarine substance, like the blue aliens found at Iosefka's. The Kin are mortals ascended, somewhere beetween mankind and the great ones. Just read the 90 pages article made by REDGRAVE. "The paleblood hunt". A lot of things made sense with that info.

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