This page contains lore theories by Rakuyo. Please understand these are musings and interpretations by a player, and are not to be taken as official or representative of other's views. 

False Eye Silverbeast.png False Eye Undead Servant.png False Eye BPS.png False Eyes Enlarged Head 1.png False Eye Ebrietas.png
False Eyes are eyelike structures found on enemies, blood, armor or within the environment.
Seeing False Eyes often requires looking at them from a certain angle or with extra lighting.

False Eyes are part of a grey area between Easter eggs and relevant lore.
All notes on False Eyes can be assigned to this page.

Though easy to miss, the whole game is teeming with them and they probably want you dead. Keep your eyes peeled.

Note! False eyelike structures can be found in nature as well Bacon Jupiter Girnar Hill, this is due to the human brain, which is always scanning the world for faces.
It can be difficult to discern intentional False Eyes from unintentional ones and I apologize in advance if any mistakes are made.


False Eyes have been found on

Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods (dress and helmet)
Master Willem (though just his chair False Eye Willem's Wheelchair False Eye Willem's Wheelchair Full)
Plain Doll (she has white, calm looking eyes on the neck part of her dress False Eyes Doll Neck and has "Behelith eyesFalse Eyes Doll Behemoth Behelith Eyes" behind her normally visible eyes)
                 (she may also have False Eyes on the joints of her fingers False Eyes Doll Joints A False Eyes Doll Joints B False Eyes Doll Joints C, judge for yourself)
Alfred (in the blood on the altar where you find him False Eyes Alfred Blood. The blood is most likely his own)
Adella the Nun (clothes)
Eileen the Crow (wounds Eileen's Last Scrap)


False Eyes have been found on

Crawler (belly, back, appendages...False Eyes Crawler A False Eyes Crawler B False Eyes Crawler C they also have internal Messengers Crawler Messengers Orange Crawler Messengers Black)
Yeti (various, particularly the chest False Eyes Yeti A False Eyes Yeti B)
Silverbeast (mouth Silverbeast Maggot Eye Silverbeast Third Eye)
Hateful Maggot (strange shapes along the length of the body False Eyes Hateful Maggot A False Eyes Hateful Maggot B False Eyes Hateful Maggot C, these could also be connected to Heir)
Nightmare Apostle (head False Eyes Nightmare Apostle Head, abdomen False Eyes Nightmare Apostle Abdomen, limbs)
Slime Scholar (hands Slime Scholar Hands A Slime Scholar Hands B Slime Scholar Hands C & clothing Slime Scholar Clothing)
Winter Lantern (dress Winter Lantern Dress A Winter Lantern Dress B)
Hemwick Hags (clothes False Eyes Dress & neck False Eyes Neck)
Hunting Dog (limbs and body False Eyes Hunting Dog)
Carrion Crow (feathers False Eyes Feathers A False Eyes Feathers B)
Brick Troll (clothes & skin False Eyes Brick Troll A False Eyes Brick Troll B False Eyes Brick Troll C)
Wheelchair Mob (cloth Robe and wheelchair Wheelchair)
Beast Patient (bandages Beast Patient Bandages Arm Beast Patient Bandages Full & blood Beast Patient Blood)
Rabid Dog (head & skin Falses Eyes Rabid Dog, one really weird one on the belly False Eyes Rabid Dog Belly)
Executioner (shoulder plates)
Gargoyle (abdomen False Eye Vertebrates)
Cainhurst Servant (limbs False Eyes Legs)
Bound Widow (ethereal dress Bound Widow False Eyes)
Bloodlicker (Belly, head, limbs, back,...Particularly Good View of Hind Legs False Eyes)
Maneater Boar (Belly, neck, head,...Boar False Eyes A Boar False Eyes B) they also have additional "true eyes Boar Nightmare Eyes" in the Nightmare.
Beast-possessed Soul (limbsBPS False Eyes Arm & chest BPS False Eye Chest)
Keeper's Hunting Dog (tainted skin KHD Sides)
Giant Rat (skin False Eyes Jaw False Eyes Body)
Snatcher (limbs Snatcher Legs Snatcher Arm)
Rotted Corpse (torso Rotted Corpse False Eyes A Rotted Corpse False Eyes B)
Nightmare Huntsman (transformed left arm Nightmare Huntsman Transformed Left Arm)
Mi-Go (Byrgenwerth researcher) (nails on insect legs Mi-Go Nail False Eyes)
Viper Pit (large snake heads Viper Pit Falses Eyes on Large Snakehead, scale patterns may count as False Eyes)
Pthumerian Undead (flesh Pthumerian Undead False Eyes & clothing False Eyes Undead Soldier)
Tomb Guardian (many places, with the largest appearing on the inner thighs Tomb Guardian Arm Tomb Guardian Thighs Tomb Guardian Inside A Tomb Guardian Inside B)
Merciless Watcher (naked False Eye Left Arm)
Evil Labyrinth Spirit (torch required Spectre False Eyes A Spectre False Eyes B Spectre False Eyes C)
Undead Giant (various Undead Giant Back Undead Giant Blood Explosion Undead Giant Frontal)
Pthumerian Descendant (hair, temples clothes)
Pthumerian Elder (hair and clothes)
Watchdog of the Old Lords (Limbs False Eye Watchdog Leg & Skull False Eyes Skull A False Eyes Skull B)
Cleric Beast (horns Cleric Beast Horn False Eye A Cleric Beast Horn False Eye B)
Father Gascoigne (transformation aura)
Blood-Starved Beast (all over False Eye BsB KneeBsB JokerBsB Profile)
Darkbeast Paarl (hair, bones and electricity Paarl False Eye APaarl False Eye BPaarl False Eyes CPaarl False Eyes BonesPaarl False Eyes Pelvis)
Shadows of Yharnam (mob and boss, flames, blood, weapons Fire Magic Weapon and Clothes Flaming Sword)
Bloodletting Beast (various Bloodletting Beast Full View Bloodletting Beast Great Gash Bloodletting Beast Teeth)
Keeper of the Old Lords (fire, armor & growing behind her mask False Eyes Flame Keeper Full View)
Enlarged Head Patients (bloody clothFalse Eyes Enlarged Head Patient & naked body)
Lesser Amygdala (limbs, chest, brain False Eyes Lesser Amygdala Arm False Eyes Lesser Amygdala Chest False Eyes Lesser Amygdala Brain)
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos (various Ebrietas False Eye "Head Tentacle" Ebrietas Skull Face Right Side False Eye Ebrietas Neck)
Moon Presence (tails False Eye Moon Presence Tail A False Eye Moon Presence Tail B & head False Eye Moon Presence)
Celestial Mob (body False Eyes Celestial Mob)
Fluorescent Flower (legs & body False Eyes Fluorescent Flower False Eyes Fluorescent Flower B)
Brainsucker (clothing Brainsucker Clothing, blood Brainsucker Blood, tendrils Brainsucker Tendrils A Brainsucker Tendrils B & cracked skull False Eyes Brainsucker )
Church Doctor (staff Eyes on Staffand crucifixes)
Church Giant (everywhere Church Giant Chest A Church Giant Chest B Church Giant Hand Church Giant Face)
Mergo's Attendant (flesh False Eyes Mergo's Attendant Leg & helmet False Eyes Mergo's Jester
Mergo's Chief Attendant (flesh, axe and mouth of helmet)
Mergo's Wet Nurse (limbs & magic False Eyes Wet Nurse)
Carrion Crow (a large one on the dog headed variant)
Gravekeeper Scorpion (tail)
Witch of Hemwick & Eye Collector (clothes and possibly face)
Martyr Logarius (his own eye sockets False Eyes Logarius)
Laurence, the First Vicar (various False Eye Laurence Laurence's Hug)
Ludwig (chest False Eye Ludwig Chest and second head Ludwig's Alien Head A Ludwig's Alien Head B)
The Living Failures (body False Eye Living Failure, magic missile and comets)
Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower (blood and flames)

Orphan of Kos (various Orphan Cheeks & Chest Orphan Magic Kos' Gutts Full View with Placenta)
Hamlet Fishman
Fishdog False Eyes Fishdog
Lightning Summoner Lightning Summoner Headcloth
Snail Woman

Armor & weapons

False Eyes have been found on

Plain Doll Skirt (though white and calm)
Cainhurst Helmet Cainhurst Helmet False Eye Cainhurst Helmet False Eye Full
Charred Hunter Garb
Bone Ash Armor


False Eyes have been found on

Gravestones of The Nightmare Frontier and The Forbidden Woods (Byrgenwerth): Within the roots on the gravestones
Poles were you fight Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier
Various spots within the Byrgenwerth library
Various locations in the Cainhurst library.
Daylight sky
Nightmare sky Frontier & Mensis


Eyes on the Inside.jpg
Plain Doll

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    • Anonymous

      01 Dec 2018 22:53  

      This page shouldn't be linked anywhere but the theory page. Unfortunately it's liked everywhere. This wiki is a mess

      • 15 Oct 2018 03:49  

        I won't deny the importance of eyes in this game, but this is stupid. Whoa, "false eyes" where the eyes of the characters should be. Whoa, a circle, it must be a false eye.

        • Anonymous

          19 Jun 2018 07:04  

          Umm... what the Hell is supposed to be the significance of these "false eyes"? It seems more like a "false lore" situation. Am I right guys? ;)

          • Anonymous

            08 May 2018 15:26  

            This is REALLY reaching guys. It's called pareidolia. Unless there are false eyes in real life too and we're all stuck in the Bloodborne universe. Random patterns which form "faces" in the human mind are not an easter egg or lore relevant. It's simply your brain doing it's job.

            • Anonymous

              15 Apr 2018 02:34  

              Damn, they really need to put some warning screen in-game or something, forbidding mentally-susceptible to play it.
              Guy take this "omg lore, deep" thing to close and not only start imagining things and believing in what they've imagined, but also
              write Wiki-articles about this stuff. Creepy.

              • A note on speculative elements05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                Please be advised that we encourage speculation regarding to lore, but ask that speculative elements be kept separate from wiki pages as to not confuse newcomers. An individual new to the game may encounter False Eyes on an enemy, boss or armor page and assume it is an in game mechanic.The notes section is for descriptive and trivia like statements. Such as "Paarl is the dutch word for..." or "this enemy can not fire on you when in the sit gesture".

                • Anonymous

                  This whole article is ridiculous.05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                  Reading Too Deep: The Wiki Page. Seriously, some of these are really pathetic. Even the ones where eye-like shapes are immediately visible can be written off to random texture variations. Even admitting that it takes certain angles to see certain "false eyes" shows that this is speculative overreach. I mean look at the Master Willem picture. There is just nothing there. And no, a circular design in the texture does not mean they meant it to be a false eye or in any way relevant to the lore. Sometimes, a circle is just a circle.

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