Silver Lady

Bound Widow.jpg
Enemy Type Not Kin nor Beast
Health 397 ~ 737
Drops 490 Blood Echoes
Weak Bolt, Righteous
Strong Thrust, Blunt, Arcane, Fire

Silver Lady is enemy in Bloodborne.

Silver Lady

An ethereal, slow moving enemy that can be found in Cainhurst castle. They are transparent to the point of invisible when passive but they'll materialize if the Hunter gets too close, striking out with a dagger clutched with two hands. Some Ladies carry their decapitated heads instead of daggers. These Ladies cannot attack, but can unleash a scream that can snare the Hunter, leaving him vulnerable to attacks by other Ladies and Cainhurst Servants.


  • The Silver Lady is blind, and thus if the Hunter is stationary, will often be unable to detect them.
  • Ladies often swarm in numbers, so be wary.
  • Rolling into them staggers them.
  • They can scream which builds up a snaring spell. The projectile version of this spell is used by Brainsuckers and Witches of Hemwick.
  • Some Cainhurst Servants can fire a dart that marks the player with the Corruption rune. This attracts the Ladies and adds damage.



Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%

Notes & Trivia

  • Monsieur Guillotine invented his apparatus to grant convicted the most painless death possible.
  • Their crying sounds just like that of Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen. They are also bound in the exact same way.



Silver Lady Undead Party


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  86. Silver Lady
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  89. Slug
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  99. Vengeful Specter
  100. Vermin Host

    • Anonymous

      21 Dec 2017 07:52  

      Kind of disappointed the dress isn't available to wear. It'd look great tearing enemies up with this, 'specially after it gets blood-spattered.

      • Anonymous

        27 Jul 2017 06:37  

        I was thinking, the fact that their throats are slit or that they've been decapitated doesn't fit very well with the aggressive, blunt-focused weapons of the Executioners. I wonder if they opted to commit a collective suicide instead? It's not unheard of that noble families would dispose of themselves when backed into a corner, whether out of pride, or simply to protect themselves from a crueler fate at the hands of their adversaries. (Notice that all of the ghosts are women, whereas the male servants remain corporeal.)

        In fact, it's highly unusual for an undead enemy in Bloodborne to be completely detached from their body. Normally we would face a zombified creature, packed with blood or other strange fluids, but the maidens are mostly bloodless. Though they spray blood from their cut throats, the player cannot draw anything from them, but merely hack away at their misty shape until they vanish, similarly to the Wet Nurse or the Mad Ones, or the maidens' Pthumerian equivalent, the Vengeful Specters. So why is Annalise's body undying, then? Instead of becoming a ghost, her body remains alive no matter how much it is broken down, and can always be restored.

        I know I'm overthinking this, but I just find the Cainhurst lore really cool.

        • Anonymous

          BULL*****15 Sep 2016 01:30  

          Be weary. If you adventuring into this area you likely have high Bloodtinge and like to use your firearm. For these enemies sometimes the bullets just miss them.

          • Anonymous

            Stuff of nightmares...19 Aug 2016 06:48  

            My first encounter with these ladies was a jump-scare when one materialized behind me and filled the camera's screen.

            • Anonymous

              Transparent form05 Jul 2016 14:49  

              When transparent/invisible, much like their laughing chalice dungeon counterparts they can only be hit by bolt, fire or arcane. This is something I found the hard way when I tested the untransformed Amygdalan Arm...

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