Enlarged Head Patients

Enlarged Head Patient Basic Crop 1.png
Enemy Type Neutral
Health ??
Drops Blood Vials
Weakness None
Strong Against Blunt
Locations Research Hall

Enlarged Head Patient is an enemy in The Old Hunters DLC

Enlarged Head Patients

Poor victims of experiments by the Healing Church, they now dwell eternally in the nightmarish Research Hall.

Despite their almost identical appearance there are many variations of Enlarged Head Patients. There are also notable differences in their levels of aggression and some are just friendly NPCs that you can talk to, though they are all quite mad.

Enlarged Head Patients (Basic)

These form the most common group of enemies in the research hall. They are easy to stun but attack fast and unpredictably.
Within this group there are another three variations:

- Naked variants: They display slightly different behavior when passive, they may laugh, cower or scratch themselves depending on where you find them, and often have a very large aggro range. They have the same moveset as clothed patients, but are faster and more aggressive once provoked. Looking at their bodies reveals a painful atrophy of muscle and tissue.

- Flask Throwers: They have less health than other patients but aggressively bombard you with vials of strange fluid (probably alien blood).

- Diseased Patients: Endowed with a sickly-looking right arm, this patient resorts to smothering the player with slow poison rather than using the normal move-set. There are only two, one of which is hiding in the dark on a ledge above the suffering (non-aggressive) patients.


  • Melee patients strictly use blunt attacks
  • Throwers deal arcane dmg
  • Don't get stun locked
  • Most variants are very sensitive to noise
  • There's one particularly tricky area with a large number of patients supported by flask throwers, you are advised to bait the patients outside the reach of the flask throwers.


Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%



Headless Patients

Headless Patient Crop 1.png
Enemy Type Neutral
Health ??
Drops ??
Weak ??
Strong ??
Locations Research Hall

Headless Patients

Their heads have probably gone off to live a life of their own. Strangely, these walking bodies are completely unaggressive until the player attacks them. Once engaged you'll find that they are very difficult to stun. However, this lack of awareness makes them very easy to backstab.
Their heads may have become the Enormous Heads

Enlarged Head Patients (Bound)

Slither Patient Crop 2.png
Enemy Type Neutral
Health ??
Drops Quicksilver Bullets
Weak Nothing
Strong Nothing
Locations Research Hall

Enlarged Head Patients (Bound)

They appear in the first area of the research hall after raising the stairs.
They move similar to worms or caterpillars, as they have tight restraints placed around their arms and legs.
Approaching them causes them to attack by either swinging their head at you, or by sprouting several tentacles from their head. The biggest threat they pose is when they attack in large groups. Otherwise, it is very easy to strafe around them when fighting one at a time.
The tentacles (along with the oversized heads) suggest a relation to the Winter Lanterns and consequently the Brain of Mensis. More on this under "Enormous Head".

Enlarged Head Patients (Crawler)

Crawler Patient Crop1.png
Enemy Type Neutral
Health ??
Drops ??
Weak Blood causes knockdown
Strong Nothing
Locations Research Hall

Enlarged Head Patients (Crawler)

There are only 3 of these enemies and they are only found on research floor 2, right under the room with the three researchers in a wheelchair.
They have more health than other patients and have a unique moveset which includes great leaps.
Blood dmg will knock them down.

Enormous Head (Patient)

Enormous head Crop2.png
Enemy Type Neutral
Health ??
Drops Blue Elixir
Weak ??
Strong ??
Locations Research Hall

Enormous Head (Patient)

The are a total of six of these. Two are friendly NPCs that you can kill to complete the Saint Adeline quest line. Four are hostile and are confined to a single room behind a group of naked patients and headless patients. Three of them are on the ground and one is lying in ambush, hanging above the door to the room. She will drop down if you try to escape the room but not as you enter it. If she succeeds she will try and eat your head.
They mostly attack with projectile blood, some of which is red, some of which is orange.
Should you come close to them they may instead sprout tentacles and frantically attack in all directions.
Both attacks cause frenzy buildup.
The heads themselves may have once belonged to the Headless patients.

Though the genealogy of many enemies (and patients) is debatable, the Enormous Heads are almost certainly related to the Winter Lanterns and the Brain of Mensis.
Evidence for this:
-The heads are roughly the same size as a Winter Lantern's head.
-Both sprout tentacles of the same color
-Both cause frenzy buildup
-The Lanterns sing to themselves, the head NPCs rhyme and fancy tunes like "Plip, Plop, Plip, Plop" "Splish Splash, Splish Splash"
-They both attack by eating their prey's head (or maybe just the Brain Fluid).
-One NPC talks about droplets, rain and the churning of water. Winter Lanterns drop Droplet Blood Gems.




Notes & Trivia

  • The rune Communion can be found on every floor of the Research Hall. Communion refers to The Healing Church but also to the celestial meeting at Byrgenwerth. Communion likely also refers to Eucharist when catholics partake of the body of God in the form of bread. Through old blood infusions the patients likewise partake of the body of their gods.
  • Many Enlarged Head Patients use their head like a club. The same behavior is displayed by Great Ones like Ebrietas, Rom and the Children of Rom.
  • The Enlarged Head headpiece has the best balance of blunt and arcane dmg defense of any headpiece. This makes it great for fighting against Great Ones who use primarily blunt and arcane attacks.
  • Enlarged Head Patients are referred to as "Clocktower Patients" in Bloodborne Official Artworks.

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    • Anonymous

      if they're called clocktower patients in the official art why did the wiki feel the need to make a new name for them?

      • Anonymous

        Love how the level encourages you to watch your step and lets you get the drop on entire groups if you don't knock over any bottles

        • Anonymous

          Did anyone else notice that the non-hostile Patient looking for her eyes in the puddle has the same voice actor and accent as Eileen?

          • I had a close look at some of the passive ones, it looks like they are actually wearing a bag on their heads as opposed to it actually being their head. Hazard to guess underneath that bag is something that looks like winter lantern.

            • Anonymous

              Also likely designed after the bloat heads from Artorias of the Abyss. They showcase similar attack patterns, and both enemies possess high offense with low poise and defense, but often appear in groups. The heads of the Oolacile residents can also be acquired as headgear similarly to the enlarged head. Weirder still, both enemies have an idle animation where they scratch at themselves and moan in agony. And of course, the bloat heads gained numerous eyes when their humanity went out of control.

              • Anonymous

                From what I've noticed they are fairly weak to thrust damage and attacking with righteous weapons seemed to deal more damage, are we sure they aren't classified as Kin?

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