Cramped Casket

Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health 864
Drops Blood Vial
Beasthunter's Damp Blood Gem
Kinhunter's Damp Blood Gem
Weak Thrust, Fire, Arcane, Bolt
Strong Physical, Blunt, Blood
Weak(NG+7) Thrust,Fire,Arcane,Bolt
Strong(NG+7) Physical, Blunt,Blood

The Cramped Casket ( Undead Amalgam) is an enemy. It is only found in Yahar'gul in two forms, ranged and melee.

Cramped Casket Information

  • The melee form will chase the player down aggressively and will use a flurry of devastating attacks.(Blunt)
  • The ranged form will shoot chunks of blood at you at range, when the player is close enough, it will attempt to melee, but will quickly go back to using ranged attacks if the player retreats.
  • One of them hides in a shaking carriage, which pops out if you approach the body in front of the carriage..



  • In Yahar'gul there are bodies that kneel tall and appear to be burning with a nearly white flame. Forcing this enemy to touch these will severely wound it, slowing it down and making it an easy kill.
  • Executioner's Gloves can easily stagger it once three projectiles connected it.
  • Melee Type - Strafe dash around them very frequently to avoid their high damage attacks and stagger combos.
  • Ranged type - Strafe while closing the distance to avoid their projectiles. They stagger easily but still hit hard, so make sure you have stamina to strafe to their side after a combo. Has extremely long range.
  • NEVER dodge backwards. This enemy has a very long ranged attack and is very easy to avoid by strafing to the backside of this enemy.



Yahar'gul Chapel 864HP Echoes (1-3) ??% (3-4) ??% (3-4) ??%




  • Beasthunter's Damp Blood Gem (3-4)
  • Kinhunter's Damp Blood Gem(3-4)




Notes & Trivia

  • They appear to be an abomination created from the reanimation of a Casket that has been stuffed with too many bodies.
  • In extremely rare cases they can be found in Chalice Dungeons. These enemies do not respawn.
  • Found in Isz Root Chalice - 73vy774v (layer 3) - fnh9ctui (layer 3).
  • Found Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice - v3krwpyp (layer 3) (first treasure area).
  • Found in Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice - zarkz4s5 (layer 3) (treasure area right before the boss fight).
  • The cluster of skeletons surrounded by a shroud is reminiscent of Nito, the First of the Dead from Dark Souls.
  • They look a lot like the statues found in Yahar'gul. Some of these statues also show messengers entering the amalgam.
  • The creature is a product of The Mensis ritual, initiated by Micolash. The bodies are most likely former Yharnamites.




Yahar'gul Statues

Amalgam Statue 8 3 Thumb.png Amalgam Statue 7 Thumb.png Amalgam Statue 2 Thumb.png Amalgam Statue 5 2 Thumb.png Amalgam Statue 6 Thumb.png Amalgam Statue 9 Thumb.png

Fierce Amalgam

Amalgam Nightmare 4 Thumb.jpg Amalgam Nightmare 1 Thumb.jpg


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    • Anonymous

      Why tf does that one attack just oneshot, their grab does about 100 damage and then this little slap just explodes u

      • Anonymous

        They do do a lot of damage, but it's their speed that makes them dangerous. I accidently pulled 3 of them at the same time. Closest I've come to getting a cardio workout from a video game.

        • Anonymous

          As someone who Grew up with alot of Horror related Genre, i have to say, These are the Scariest Mother****ers i have Ever Seen and Fought against in a Videogame

          • Anonymous

            so many complaints about "annoying" enemies... dodging exists. and so does anti-pacifism against these cute little fellas

            • Anonymous

              Something interesting happens if you lure one of these enemies into the white ritual fires throughout Yahar'gul. Not sure what the significance is, but it is something to note.

              • Anonymous

                These are incredibly stupid. You've messed up on design if a properly leveled player is one-shot by common enemies in an area when they get there.

                • Anonymous

                  This enemy appears in both yahar'gul (after blood moon) as well in chalice dungeons. At yahar'gul it has 864hp and has 16%chance to drop either a beasthunter or a Kinhunter gem. Same drop in dungeons, being the gem lvl dependant on depth. Weak to elements (not inc. Blood) and slightly less to thrust

                  • Anonymous

                    I always use the Auger of the cosmos left behind daughter (cannot spell her name) and it really hurts these things. Also the Executioners Glove and Call from Beyond.

                    • Anonymous

                      Dodging backwards makes them helpless. If you bait their downward slam then jump back it completely avoids it and leaves them vulnerable. They can't do anything. I actually can't reliably dodge around to their back because of their broad sweeps and pivot attack.

                      • Anonymous

                        Why are they referred to by two different names on this page? I think EnB said their name is Cramped Casket.

                        • Anonymous

                          Is it possible that these creatures are a by product of the snatchers many abductions. Think about it, they have bloody sacks that they carry all the time and a mostly empty prison. I think it is possible that these creatures are a result of all their kills and the red moon bringing them life and in turn killing the kidnappers. all the dead kidnapper bodies I came across were by cramped caskets.

                          • Anonymous

                            Is there a point to catching them on fire? You can make the bodies go out with them (or by hitting them yourself).

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