beast patient

Beast Patient

"The scarred remnants of a Hunt from long ago. The burns and scars from the Healing Church's purge are still fresh in the mangled minds of these beasts."
Location Old Yharnam, Loran Chalices & Hunter's Nightmare
Drops Blood Vials, may drop Pulsing or Tempering Blood gems in Chalice dungeons
Weaknesses Fire
Beast/Kin Beast


Beast Claw Hunter

"A savage hunter wielding a beast claw"
Location Loran Chalices
Drops waning Blood Gems
Weaknesses Thrust, Arcane, Bolt
Beast/Kin neutral?

beast possessed soul enemy

Beast-possessed Soul

"Dimly lit by pale moonlight, unscorned by human pity, lie things unseen by curious eyes, blood-thirsty and lithy. Hunter! Fear the possessed beast, fangs sharp as Ludwig's nerve, for it will feast upon your limbs, no mercy nor reserve." - Old Yharnam Limerick.
Location Healing Church Workshop & Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Gems, Blood Vials & Beast Blood Pellets
Weaknesses Fire, Serration
(Boss is NOT weak to Fire)
Beast/Kin Beast



"This grotesquely misshapen creation crawls along the icy Cainhurst courtyard, erratic and almost comical in some morbidly twisted way."
Location Forsaken Castle Cainhurst & Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Gems (typically Warm)
Weaknesses Righteous
Beast/Kin Neutral

Bone Ash hunter

Bone Ash Hunter

"Lithe, graceful and ruthlessly efficient when dealing with foes, these agile hunters wield the scorching power of fire to effectively eliminate their targets."
Location Chalice Dungeons
Drops radial Blood Gems
Weaknesses Blunt, Blood, Arcane
Beast/Kin neutral?

brain of mensis

Brain of Mensis

"The immense brain that Mensis retrieved from the nightmare was indeed lined with eyes on the inside, but they were of an evil sort, and the brain itself was terrible rotten. But even still, it was a legitimate Great One, and left a relic. A living relic, at that, which is a precious thing indeed. "
Location Mergo's Loft Middle
Drops Living String
Weaknesses None
Beast/Kin Neutral

brainsucker enemy


"Driven mad by wisdom not of this world, these fiends will seek to bound you in place and steal what is in your very head. But who is to say this is not a good thing?"
Location Upper Chapel Ward, Orphanage & Chalice Dungeons
Drops Quicksilver Bullets, Shaman Bone Blade & Blood Gems (frequently drops arcane-fortifying gems)
Weaknesses Bolt & Fire, Thrust & Blood
Beast/Kin Kin

Cainhurst Hunter

Cainhurst Hunter

"A hunter donning Cainhurst armor, patrolling deep underground."
Location Chalice Dungeons
Drops triangular Blood Gems, Quicksilver Bullets
Weaknesses Blunt, Arcane, Bolt
Beast/Kin neutral?

cains servant rapier

Cainhurst Servant

"What keeps them here? Loyalty? Fear? Denial? None could answer, save the servant's themselves if only they spoke."
Location Cainhurst Castle
Drops Blood Vials, Quicksilver Bullets & Numbing Mist
Weaknesses Minor weakness to Bolt
Nothing else is remarkable.
Beast/Kin Neutral

carrion crow small

Carrion Crow

"Among the crows that eat rotting carrion, there are those that favor human meat. Those bloated, ugly monsters drag themselves between the corpses feasting on the once rich citizens of Yharnam."
Location Central Yharnam, Old Yharnam, Hemwick Charnel Lane, Cathedral Ward, Forbidden Woods, Iosefka's Clinic, Nightmare of Mensis, The Hunter's Nightmare
Drops Pebbles, Antidotes
Weaknesses Fire
Beast/Kin Beast

celestial child

Celestial Larvae

"In any form, new life demands a caretaker. Be wary you are not selected for this role, as it may yet drive you mad."
Location Upper Cathedral Ward, Tomb of Oedon, Chalice Dungeons
Drops Madman's Knowledge
Weaknesses Fire, Bolt, Thrust & Blood
Beast/Kin Kin

chime maiden

Chime Maiden

"One of Yharnam’s sinister urban legends, this crazed woman dressed in black carries with her a special bell. It is said that the sound of her bell brings out all sorts of unsavory creatures."
Location Chalice Dungeon, Yahar'gul, Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of Mensis, when ever another player is summoned via using the Beckoning Bell, a chime maiden will appear somewhere in the area.
Drops Quicksilver Bullets
Weaknesses weak defenses overall
Beast/Kin Neutral

church giant axe

Chapel Giant

"The church controls treatment of the disease, but it hunts with this large servant. Half terrifying legend, its expression is vacant, its skin pallid, its huge form oddly thin. It screams as it swings its silver weapon. A bell hangs from its neck, and when the citizens of Yharnam hear its ring they close their doors and stay within."
Location Cathedral Ward, Lecture Building, Forbidden Woods
Drops Blood Stone Shards, Blood Vials, Blue Elixir
Weaknesses None
Strong to Bolt, Arcane & Fire
Beast/Kin Neutral

church servant staff

Church Servant

"Their ghostly pale visage and sluggish movements can terrorize the bravest hunter, while they stomp their cane threateningly, their face a yawning horror."
Location Cathedral Ward, Upper Cathedral Ward
Drops Quicksilver Bullets, Blood Vials, Blue Elixir
Weaknesses None
Strong to Arcane
Beast/Kin Neutral

cramped casket

Cramped Casket

"This hideous aberration can be found writhing among the oblique corners of Yahar'gul, twisting and contorting as if to escape its own tortured existence."
Locations Yahar'gul (Bloodmoon)
Drops Blood Vial
Weaknesses Thrust
Beast/Kin Neutral



"This cephalopod-like creature dwells in the poisonous bogs of the Nightmare, bathing in noxious fumes as if they were a fresh water stream."
Locations Nightmare Frontier
Drops Thick Coldblood (4-6)
Weaknesses Bolt, Thrust, Blood
Beast/Kin Neutral



"There aren't many beings as imposing as the Executioner, patrolling Yarnham in search of new trophies."
Location Central Yarnham, Forbidden Woods, Hemwick Charnel Lane, ??
Drops Blood Vials, Blood Gems (typically Tempering), Pungent Blood Cocktails
Weaknesses Bolt, Arcane & Parrying
Vulnerable to Blunt
Beast/Kin Neutral

evil labyrinth spirit

Evil Labyrinth Spirit

"A spectral minion of sorts, tormented by bitter regret in a previous life and, as such, unable to find peace."
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Gems
Weaknesses Arcane, Fire, Bolt & Righteous
Beast/Kin Neutral

eye collector

Witch of Hemwick (Mob) and Eye Collector

"Something lurks in the shadows of the Unseen Village: a misshapen creature that might once have been a woman, but who now lies in wait to prey on the unsuspecting, and bathe in their blood."
Location Hypogean Gaol & Chalice Dungeons
Drops Pebbles, Bloodshot Eyeballs & Blood Gems
Weaknesses None
Strong to Poison
Beast/Kin Neutral

female beast patient

Cloaked Beast Patient

"A slow death awaits those caught by the beast who hides its face. For who knows what awful mixture of human and animal sulks beneath that veil?"
Location Old Yharnam & Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Vials, Antidotes & Blood Gems
Weaknesses Fire
Beast/Kin Beast

fluorescent flower

Fluorescent Flower

"Brilliant yet fatal, these overgrown arthropods boast high defense and powerful magic. Hunters must be both light-footed if they are to dodge their deadly spells."
Location Byrgenwerth & Chalice Dungeons
Drops Arcane Haze
Weaknesses Blood, Flower
Beast/Kin Kin

forsaken castle spirits

Silver Lady

"All the nobles of Cainhurst Castle are long since dead, except... One feels that a presence remains, a subtle, terrible pain etched into the very walls."
Location Cainhurst Castle
Drops None
Weaknesses Bolt & Righteous
Beast/Kin Neutral

garden of eyes

Garden of Eyes

"Among the moonlit terraces and exotic Byrgenwerth gardens lie treacherous and vile creatures, spying on unsuspecting hunters with their malice-filled, jaundiced eyes.
Locations Byrgenwerth & Chalice Dungeons
Drops Quicksilver Bullets, Sedatives, Blood Gems & Pearl Slug
Weaknesses ??
Beast/Kin Kin


Blood Gel

"Located on the tops of the underground labyrinth caves, it waits for its next unsuspecting Hunter to consume whole."
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops Oil Urn, Shining Coins & Pebbles
Weaknesses Arcane, Fire & Bolt
Beast/Kin Neutral

giant lost child

Giant Lost Child

"Of gentle giants in these lands none dwell. Yet, an oaf remains such, and one can't but feel pity in the face of childish innocence."
Locations Nightmare Frontier & Nightmare of Mensis
Drops Bloodstone Shard, Lead Elixir & Twin Bloodstone Shards
Weaknesses Fire, Arcane & Bolt
Beast/Kin Neutral

gravekeeper scorpion

Gravekeeper Scorpion

"Whether as fast as a shadow's chikage, or as stealthy as stalkers, scorpions pose threats to all manners of hunters so come prepared with antidotes."
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Gems (typically Murky)
Weaknesses Arcane, Fire, Bolt
Beast/Kin Beast

hemwick grave women

Hemwick Grave Woman

"Their mumblings give away their presence from a distance, but their screams can be deafening. They wield a variety of weapons, but what they lack in dexterity they more than make up for with intensity and tenacity."
Location Hemwick Charnel Lane & Yahar'gul
Drops Blood Vials, Quicksilver Bullets, Blood Gems, Molotov Cocktail
Weaknesses None
Beast/Kin Neutral


Hunting Dog

"A gruesome twist on your average hunting dog. It sports dozens of spiky protrustions from its back and is more aggresive than ever, tearing overly confident hunters to bits in mere seconds."
Location Hemwick Charnel Lane & Chalice Dungeons
Drops Bloodstone Shards & Twin Bloodstone Shards,
Weaknesses Thrust (NOT Fire) & Serrated
Beast/Kin Beast

huntsman torch


"Due to the infestation of the scourge, this is what the mob that has risen for the beast hunt have become. The fever-like urge to hunt remains, but they themselves have already been infested with the scourge of the beast."
Location Central Yharnam, Cathedral Ward, Healing Church Workshop, Forbidden Woods, Yahar'gul (Bloodmoon)
Drops Quicksilver Bullets, Blood Vials, Blood Stone Shards, Molotov Cocktails & Pungent Blood Cocktail
Weaknesses None
Beast/Kin Neutral

huntsmans minion brick

Brick Troll

"Don't let their slow and lumbering walk fool you. Despite their low mental capacity, when agitated they can deal devastating blows."
Location Central Yarnham, Hemwick Charnel Lane, Yahar'gul Unseen Village (After defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider), ??
Drops Blood Vials & Shining Coins
Weaknesses Parrying, Blunt
Beast/Kin Neutral

keeper of the old lords

Keeper of the Old Lords

 "Granted eternal life by the Great Ones, these enemies are skilled in both swordsmanship and forbidden magics." 
Location Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Gems (typically sharp) & Blood Vials
Weaknesses Vulnerable to Arcane
Strong to Fire
Beast/Kin Neutral

keepers hunting dog

Keeper's Hunting Dog

"Ever-faithful, even when grotesquely transformed and succumbed to the Scourge. These dogs continue to hunt their masters' prey, fueled by a voracious thirst for blood."
Location Chalice Dungeons
Drops Bloodstone Shard, Twin Bloodstone Shards & Bloodstone Chunk
Weaknesses Serrated, knocked down by Blood
Beast/Kin Beast



"Of all the beasts you may encounter on the night of the Hunt, beware the Snatchers. For to them, it is not enough to take your life, they wish to drag you into their vile kingdom and subject you to their abhorrent rituals."
Location Cathedral Ward after killing the Blood Starved Beast, Healing Church Workshop, Yahar'gul (Evening), Forbidden Woods & ">Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Stone Shards, Twin Blood Stone Shards, Bolt Paper & Ritual Blood (1-5)
Weaknesses Poison
Beast/Kin Neutral

labyrinth madman

Labyrinth Sage

"The Healing Church holds no regards for pious men nor saints; in their avid lust for knowledge they turned the once holy into the utterly abominable."
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Gems, Quicksilver Bullets, Sage's Hair & Sage's Wrist
Weaknesses Fire
Beast/Kin Beast

Bloodborne%20 %20slug

Labyrinth Mole

"A curious thing..."
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Vials
Weaknesses Bolt
Beast/Kin Neutral (?)

labyrinth rat

Giant Rat

"Scourge of the world, the pestilence bringer, ever-present yet hardly welcome. Hunters should fear rats, particularly when the unruly mischief is starved and blood thirsty."
Locations Central Yarnham, Chalice Dungeons
Drops Throwing Knife & Tomb Mold
Weaknesses None
Beast/Kin Beast

labyrinth ritekeeper

Labyrinth Ritekeeper

"Whether the ruins are tombs or a mere resting place for something dark and foul, one thing is true: Someone or something lies asleep here. The Protectors also worship what lies beneath, and among the Protectors are a special class of ritual masters that carry out horrific and detestable ritual rites."
Location Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Gems (typically Pulsing for the ones walking around, Warm/Bloodtinge for the squatting ones) & Ritual Blood (1-5)
Weaknesses Most vulnerable to Blood
Minor resistance to Arcane
Beast/Kin Neutral

labyrinth warrior

Tomb Guardian

"Warriors stand tall in the lower depths of Pthumeria, guarding riches, treasure rooms and central chambers from trespassers and defilers."
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Vials, Blood Gems, Inflicted Organ
Weaknesses Arcane
Beast/Kin Neutral

labyrinth watcher

Pthumerian Undead (Group)

"Roaming the surface of the Pthumerian labyrinths, watchers will do their utmost to protect the central chambers."
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Vials, Quicksilver Bullets & Blood Gems (fire and tempering)
Weaknesses Arcane
Beast/Kin Neutral


Large Crawler

"Like their smaller cousins, these tentacled horrors inhabit the venomous Nightmare swamps; they will however have a much easier time suffocating unaware passers-by."
Locations Nightmare Frontier
Drops Thick Coldblood (4-6)
Weaknesses Bolt, Blood, Thrust
Beast/Kin Neutral

large huntsman torch

Large Huntsman

"And beasts arose like nightmare fiends, as eager as starved ticks; yet reason, guilt and conscience were dwelling underneath."
Locations Central Yharnam, Cathedral Ward & Forbidden Woods
Drops Blood Vial, Bloodstone Shard & Oil Urns
Weaknesses Fire
Beast/Kin Beast

large nightmare apostle

Large Nightmare Apostle

"A larger variant of the more common apostle spiders, watching over matters with motherly concern."
Locations Nightmare of Mensis, Chalice Dungeons
Drops Quicksilver Bullets
Weaknesses knocked down by Blood
Beast/Kin Neutral

large snake ball

Greater Viper Pit

"Venomous, ravenous, and cold-hearted as the pale moon. Each fang is another reason to stay out of the Forbidden Wood."
Location Forbidden Woods
Drops Bloodstone Shard, Twin Bloodstone Shards, Blood Gems (typically Murky)
Weaknesses None
Beast/Kin Neutral

loran cleric

Loran Cleric

"Beastly figures, well-versed in the arcane arts."
Locations Loran Chalices
Drops Blood Gems & Blooming Coldblood Flower
Weaknesses Fire. Strong to Bolt & Rapid Poison
Beast/Kin Beast

loran silverbeast enemy

Loran Silverbeast

"While at rest these horrors seem innocuous, but as they stand one soon discovers how feral they are and their eagerness to kill."
Locations Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of Mensis & Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Gems (typically Bolt and Fire, and rarely drops Pulsing), Blood Vial & Bastard of Loran
Weaknesses Fire, Arcane, Blood
Strong Physical (all) & Bolt
Beast/Kin Beast

lost child of antiquity

Cainhurst Gargoyle

"The castle yields neither to weather nor foe, and these stone guardians act as a symbol of Cainhurst's fortitude."
Location Cainhurst Castle & Chalice Dungeon
Drops Twin Blood Stone Shards, Bloodstone Chunk & Blood Gems
Weaknesses Bolt & Righteous
Beast/Kin Neutral

mad one

Mad One

"But what rose out of the ground was never human. Born of the trembling blood with a scream that pierced your very heart, the wraith began its chase."
Location Hemwick Charnel Lane & Chalice Dungeon
Drops Blood Gems
Weaknesses None
Beast/Kin Neutral

maneater boar enemy

Maneater Boar

"A beast of this size will find no trouble trampling an unsuspecting Hunter. If you hear a beastly squeal and it starts to charge, you have but one option: flee."
Location Central Yharnam, Forbidden Woods, Nightmare of Mensis, Yahar'gul (Evening) & Chalice Dungeon
Drops Blood Vials & Blood Gems (typically Radiant)
Weaknesses Visceral Attacks, Serrated, Blunt
Beast/Kin Beast


Merciless Watcher

"Protectors roam the depths, keeping guard over the quiet. Born in the depths and living off of blood and rotting flesh, they are cold and damp, with bluish-white skin that has never been touched by sunlight, and devolved eyes that are pitch black and sunk deep into their sockets."
Location Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Gems (may drop Tempering, Fire, Arcane, Bolt, Adept, Beasthunter, Fool's, Poorman's, Murky, or Heavy), Blood Vial, Quicksilver Bullets & Ritual Blood (1-5)
Weaknesses Arcane (Boss variant is NOT weak to Arcane)
Vulnerable to Blunt
Beast/Kin Neutral

mergos attendant unarmed

Mergo's Attendant

"Some say academics from the faculty of the School of Mensis still reside in the Nightmare, dictating dream logic within its warped fabric. Could these masked horrors be the very same?"
Locations Nightmare of Mensis
Drops Blood Gems
Weaknesses Bolt, Thrust
Beast/Kin Neutral

mergos chief attendant

Mergo's Chief Attendant

"In the dusty corners of the Mensis nightmare lurk Mergo's chief attendants, presiding over the nightmare with a caretaker's diligence."
Locations Nightmare of Mensis
Drops Blood Gems (typically Murky)
Weaknesses Bolt, Blunt, Thrust
Beast/Kin Neutral

nightmare apostle

Nightmare Apostles

"Of nightmarish creatures there are many in Mensis, yet few are as sly and as cunning as spiders, scuttling unperturbed along the loft's rafters."
Locations Nightmare of Mensis & Chalice Dungeon
Drops Quicksilver Bullets & Sedative
Weaknesses None
Beast/Kin Neutral

parasite larva

Hateful Maggot

"Blindly vicious, these creatures will leap from the ground to bury their curved mandibles into flesh."
Location Castle Cainhurst, Nightmare of Mensis, Forbidden Woods & Chalice Dungeon
Drops Coldblood Dew (1-3)
Weaknesses Physical (all) & Blood
Strong to Bolt, Arcane & Fire
Beast/Kin Neutral



"It meanders in the seemingly endless depths of the labyrinth, mourning in front of the remains of graves in the darkness. What binds such pitiful souls to this world?"
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Vials, Quicksilver Bullets
Weaknesses Aggression
Beast/Kin Neutral

rabid dog

Rabid Dog

"On the night of the Hunt, it becomes impossible to distinguish the sounds of the Hunter mob from the snarls and howls of their companion beasts."
Location Central Yharnam, Cathedral Ward, Healing Church Workshop, Hemwick Charnel Lane, Yahar'gul (Evening & Bloodmoon), Nightmare of Mensis & Chalice Dungeon
Drops None
Weaknesses Fire, low defenses-allround
Beast/Kin Beast

wretched undead

Rotted Corpse

"Nestled in the fetid broth of the sewers are rotten corpses, pathetic beings who pitifully grasp at some last semblance of life while slithering along in the malodorous slime."
Locations Central Yharnam, Forbidden Woods, Chalice Dungeon
Drops Blood Vial, Bold Hunter's Mark & Sedative
Weaknesses Fire & Bolt
Beast/Kin Neutral


Slime Scholars

"Historians firmly believe that pious scholars of Mensis stood tall among erudite men, yet these deplorable beings are all that remains."
Locations Lecture Building, Lecture Building 2nd Floor
Drops Quicksilver Bullets & Sedative
Weaknesses Fire & Bolt
Beast/Kin Neutral

wolf beast small

Scourge Beast

"Taken and transformed by the plague at a very early stage, these beasts are extremely fast and powerful, capable of closing in on Hunters in the blink of an eye. They can easily take Hunters by surprise with their erratic and unpredictable movements. Extreme care is required when dealing with them, especially when encountered in pairs."
Location Central Yarnham, Old Yharnam, Yahar'gul (Blood Moon), Upper Cathedral Ward & Chalice Dungeon
Drops Blood Stone Shards, Blood Vials, Beast Blood Pellets, Bloodstone Chunk & Blood Gems
Weaknesses Fire & Serrated
Beast/Kin Beast

Shadow of Yharnam

Shadow of Yharnam

"The unmistakable robed figure of a Shadow instils fear into the once fearless. Nimble and expertly trained, they often strike unseen and as lethally as discipline calls."
Locations Mergo's Loft: Middle (Nightmare of Mensis) & Chalice Dungeon
Drops Blood Vials, Quicksilver Bullets & Ritual Blood (1-5)
Weaknesses Weakest to Physical, Thrust, Blunt & Blood
Beast/Kin Neutral

skeletal puppet

Skeletal Puppet

"Keeper, keeper is that you? Whose whispers fill the forlorn loft? Where acrid mists drive hunters aft, alas, turning grown men soft?"
Locations Mergo's Loft: Middle (Nightmare of Mensis)
Drops None
Weaknesses None
Beast/Kin Neutral

small celestial emissary

Small Celestial Emissary

"Who could look up and not be overcome by wonder, fascination, and curiosity? But the pursuit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, and the man who returns may not be the man who left."
Location Iosefka's Clinic, Orphanage (Upper Cathedral Ward), Forbidden Woods & Chalice Dungeon
Drops Blood Gems (typically Arcane, but may drop tempering, bolt, or fire), Blue Elixir, Iosefka's Blood Vial, Quicksilver Bullets
Weaknesses Bolt, Fire, Thrust & Blood
Beast/Kin Kin

snake ball

Snake Ball

"Though certainly not as threatening as their mature counterparts, these snakes are no less deadly. For these silent predators make up in stealth what they lack in size."
Location Forbidden Woods & Chalice Dungeon
Drops Bloodstone Shards, Blood Gems (typically Murky)
Weaknesses Fire & Arcane
Beast/Kin Neutral

snake parasite

Vermin Host

"At first glance, they are no different from your average huntsmen, arisen to join in on the hunt. Alas, when approached, they undergo a drastic, horrifying transformation."
Location Forbidden Woods
Drops Blood Vials, Blood Gems
Weaknesses Minor weakness to Bolt
Minor resistance to Arcane
Beast/Kin Neutral

undead giant enemy

Undead Giant

"Hulking, brutal things wandering aimlessly through the chalice dungeons. The wield a variety of deadly weapons."
Locations Chalice Dungeons
Drops None
Weaknesses None
Beast/Kin Neutral

watchers gravedigger

Watcher's Gravedigger

"Entities lifelessly working in the deepest, dankest layers of Pthumerian Labyrinths. They remain docile unless approached, mindlessly swinging at rock. How long have they been down there?"
Location Chalice Dungeons
Drops Blood Vial, Ritual Materials
Weaknesses Arcane
Beast/Kin Neutral

Wheel hunter

Wheel Hunter

"A most unusual and ridiculous foe, however they are not to be underestimated. Even though the near complete lack of clothing, strangely-shaped helmet and the wheel they wield being bigger than they are leads you to believe otherwise, you just might find yourself taking a cannonball to the midsection."
Location Chalice Dungeons
Drops shape? Blood Gems
Weaknesses Low defenses all-round
Beast/Kin neutral?

wheelchair huntsman

Wheelchair Huntsman

"Among the mob hunting the beasts, old men on wheelchairs can be found. Rich elderly men in wheelchairs are a common sight in Yharnam, and are often armed with firearms from the old wars."
Location Central Yharnam, Healing Church Workshop
Drops Quicksilver Bullets
Weaknesses Bolt & Fire
Beast/Kin Neutral

winter lantern

Winter Lantern

"There it stood, uttering a warbled cry, a litany so dissonant it pierced a warrior's eardrums, driving him to an otherworldly insanity."
Location Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of Mensis
Drops Blood Gems (typically Droplet Cursed Tempering Blood Gems), Quicksilver Bullets & Pebble
Weaknesses None
Strong to magic
Beast/Kin Neutral

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