Mad One

Enemy Type ??
Health ??
Drops Blood Echoes
Weak Nothing
Strong Nothing
Locations Hemwick Charnel Lane, Chalice Dungeons

Mad Ones are enemies in Bloodborne that rise out of the ground with a red glow in Hemwick Charnel Lane. They are summoned by Witches of Hemwick, the mob and boss variant. In Hemwick Charnel Lane they can appear independent of witches.


  • Unlike Mad Ones summoned by the Witches of Hemwick, Mad Ones summoned by Witch of Hemwick (Mob) encountered in Chalice Dungeons are extremely fast. Bait their attacks and parry, or counter with long-range physical attacks.
  • If possible, kill all three at once. Slain Mad Ones will be immediately resummoned, so this is the only way to guarantee an opening at the summoner.
  • Mad Ones will not die with their summoner. As soon as she lies dead, face them or run, lest your victory be meaningless.
  • They are not easily interrupted or staggered, so watch for the right opportunity to attack.
  • Mad Ones have great range and stun lock potential, beware all of their attacks.
  • The Ones in Hemwick Charnel Lane have far more health than those in The Labyrinth.


Location hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg placeholder.png placeholder.png
Hemwick Charnel Lane 600 HP 1568 Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%


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    • Anonymous

      The mad ones summoned by the witches of hemwick WILL die shortly after the last of the Hemwick Witches have been slain.

      • Anonymous

        The chalice version Mad One is the only enemy that rushes you to the full extend of their ability. They make the supposedly bloodcrazed beasts you find everywhere else look like Micolashes in comparison.

        • Anonymous

          my headcanon is that these guys are some sort of insight induced hallucination, due to the fact that they only appear with certain amounts of insight and dont bleed when hit, and the only reason they can damage and kill you is some kind of frenzy like affect, and the witches just use witch magic to make them appear to you, but cant if you have no insight

          • Anonymous

            If you reload after killing one of them outside of the bossfight there's 2 glowimg eyes on the ground where they would normally spawn from.

            • Anonymous

              There's bad feelings, then there's looking up an annoyingly powerful chalice enemy only to find the words "weakness: none"

              • Anonymous

                What is the lore behind these things? They seem a lot more spiritual then any other monster in Bloodborne

                • Anonymous

                  I will never understand for the life of me why the hell they would make these things so OP in the dungeons..

                  • Anonymous

                    hate the fact they are endlessly summoned in the dungeons... ridiculous, cost me more echoes than I can count

                    • Anonymous

                      For the Mad Ones in chalice dungeons, the method I've adopted is to fire a pistol from out of sight near or at the witch that summoned them. Wherever the bullet terminates, whether if it hits an obstacle or runs out of range, the Mad Ones will rush over to where it disappeared and stick together in a tight group for a few seconds. Ideally with the group standing close to the witch, take out your heaviest-hitting weapon and race toward them for a dash attack, preferably one with a horizontal hit box. This should wipe them out in one go, leaving just the witch, to whom you should be close enough to interrupt her summoning spell. There are some hazards to this method, though, namely traps you might not notice when dashing forward, or having the witch pull off one of her lame AoE's or projectiles or her binding spell. If you fire your bullet too high, the Mad Ones will continuously run around each other until they lose interest, making it harder to pull off. And, unfortunately, some rooms may be constructed in a way that prevents you from distracting all three Mad Ones at once, like the flooded, rectangular chambers lined with wagon loads, or the small rooms with the single set of stairs. Otherwise, this method works for me about 90% of the time. Good luck out there....

                      • Anonymous

                        The ones outside the Witch of Hemwick boss fight can also be prevented from spawning by traveling during the evening phase of the hunt, even if you have above 15 insight. Contrary to popular belief, the night phase is not triggered by killing Amelia, but by inspecting Laurence's skull. Hemwick becomes vastly easier if you kill Amelia first, light the Grand Cathedral lamp, then ignore Laurence's skull and set out for Hemwick, cutting out the distance from the Oedon Chapel lamp to the Grand Cathedral in the event that you die.

                        • Anonymous

                          I ran into these heading to Hemwick. Never happened to me on my other characters. Scared the shit out of me.

                          • Anonymous

                            Mad Ones actually spawn after you kill Amelia and the time changes, nothing to do with insight level...I ran through with 22 insight and no Mad Ones until the witches.

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