Vermin Host

Enemy Type Neither Kin Nor Beast
Health ??
Drops Tempering Blood Gemstone, Fool's Blood Gemstone
Weak Minor weakness to bolt
Strong Poison, minor resistance to arcane.

Vermin Host is an enemy in Bloodborne. It sometimes begins as an ordinary huntsman, then undergoes a horrid transformation. The snakes which emerge from its head will lunge at the Hunter while the former huntsman's body swings its weapon in blind arcs.


This enemy has 2 variations. Transformed and untransformed.


  • Vermin Hosts have a ton of health and can can counter with bites as you hit them.
  • The most efficient way to kill Vermin Host is to bait an attack at the very edge of its hit box, and then move in for an attack. Beware its grab attack.
  • To riposte, bait the attack where its right hand lunges forward, and fire during the animation; then quickstep in to avoid the snakes for a visceral attack.


Forbidden Woods HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%

Notes & Trivia

  • Vermin Host is a tribute to the Las Plagas Ganado from Resident Evil 4.
  • The snakes coming out of his head leave no markings on the sack he's wearing and vanish on death. They're probably otherworldly beings.
  • The Vermin Host has a peculiar marking on his arm, it seems connected to his affliction.
  • Early versions of the Forbidden Woods mobs depicted more rancid, undead looking snakes





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    • Anonymous

      These enemies and many more remind me of all the best in horror throughout movies, games, and whatever really. Love this game, a new classic for me.

      • Anonymous

        They have a variety of attacks dependent partially on how they are approached:
        1. Axe swing (Adopted before the snakes, by far easiest attack to parry & visceral attack.)
        2. Snake shot (Most often employed after being shot by a player from a medium range. The Host lifts its arm and fires a snake, can be parried though not easy to visceral.)
        3. Hundred bites (Most often after taking heavy damage, Host will rapidly attack with the snakes protruding from its head. Deals medium/medium-low damage per hit but can stagger players & will quickly deplete the health of medium and low vitality players. Can be parried with the correct timing.)
        4. Grab attack (Speculation - I have not been hit by it nor do I intend to. Host will pull its snakes back from the player before sorta lunging towards them.)
        5. Snake whistle (Host will whistle and snake balls will erupt from the ground around it, typically 4 snake balls will be summoned - summoned snake balls seem to drop loot as usual.)

        Strategically it is best to perform charged hit and run attacks when able using weapons such as the Hunters Axe or (polearm mode) Rifle Spear. If they reach critically low health and start spamming bites you can use throwing knives or firearm shots to Finnish the opponent off. Additionally it may be advantageous to pick them off one at a time dragging them into areas you have already cleared of enemies.

        Hosts seem to have approximately 1025 base hp in ng.

        • Anonymous

          A couple of them (the pair patrolling in a circle near the boar gulch and Graveguard set) will whistle (don't ask me how they whistle) upon seeing the player, which summons a group of smaller viper pits around their feet. Amusingly, these smaller viper pits can sometimes block the host's movement, making them significantly easier to deal with.

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