Enlarged Head Giant

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Enemy Type
Blood Vials
Research Hall

Enlarged Head Giant is an enemy in The Old Hunters DLC.

Enlarged Head Giant

These giants make for the most aggressive and powerful enemies found in the research hall.

Even when the player is not around, they attack their environment with an IV stand.

There are two of them, one behind a large mass of patients and flask throwers, another at the top of some stairs right before you reach the stair raising device.


  • They are blind, and can simply be sneaked past if you do not want to fight them. Simply walk (slightly tilt the analogue stick) past them without colliding.
  • They're very fast on their feet but that doesn't mean you can't escape their aggro zone.
  • Though fast and powerful they're not very original when it comes to attacking as they use the same combo over and over again.
  • They deal blunt dmg.
  • Hard to stun
  • When you encounter the second one on top of some stairs, do not fight him on the stairs. Instead dodge around him to the plateau behind him. If you're lucky he'll fall to his death.


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Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Did you know they can climb ladders? I didn't know they can climb ladders. On an unrelated note, i have to clean some piss out of my pants

      • Anonymous

        No, they're not blind. Once you come out of the ladder after the mobs and quietly walk towards him, he aggros and starts attacking. No, they don't repeat the same combo over and over. They have 3 different combos ranging between 3, 5 and 6 consecutive attacks (they look similar except the 3 one which he starts swinging instead of just pounding the floor). Be wary as they can turn 180 if you walk behind them during their six combo attack. The second one near the ladder doesn't fall unless you fight him on the stairs. If you run past him and climb the ladder, he'll follow you and climb as well, however, his AI prevents him from finishing the climbing animation so he climbs back down (i.e., cheesing opportunity if you struggle with him especially in NG+3 or higher). Thankfully, they're easily parriable.

        • Anonymous

          They are also easy to parry, since their combos go on forever and shooting them out of them often results in a parry.

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