Mergo's Wet Nurse

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
14081 72000 Nightmare of Mensis One Third of Umbilical Cord
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
148 177 148 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
148 75 75 75
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
250 180 No No

Mergo's Wet Nurse (メルゴーの乳母 Merugō no uba lit. "Mergo's Wet Nurse") is a Great One Boss in Bloodborne, and one of the three possible Final Bosses.

Mergo's Wet Nurse Information






Combat Information

  • When health drops below 70%, Phase 2 initiates, but only becomes more aggressive during Nightmare Veil.
  • Do not fear her flurry attack where she swings all of her blades- it may seem intimidating, but if you can run around to her back, she can only hit you a couple of times from there, and you can easily regain that health by attacking. It's also the best time to lay down some heavy damage.
  • At an unknown trigger, the nurse will create a purple fog that engulfs the area, and a clone will appear and perform an attack every time the real Nurse attacks. After about a minute, this fog will dissipate, as will the clone. During the fog, the clone will warp around the arena (typically behind the player) in an attempt to catch the player off-guard. While the original uses a variety of leaping and long-range attacks, where her arms extend to extreme length. During this part of the fight, the bosses' back is often left wide open, providing opportunities to deal massive damage.
  • The clone can be destroyed by just a single attack, if you are using a fast weapon, you can destroy it before it can attack and go back to the  real Nurse to get in easy damage.
  • When the purple fog appears, lock onto the original Nurse and evade counter-clockwise. She will always teleport to the player's left side, and won't be able to keep up. During subsequent fog phases, both the Nurse and the clone will teleport to the players right as they run counter-clockwise. The strategy still works perfectly though with the occasional jump/roll added while moving.
  • It is possible to prevent the purple fog if you can stagger her while she is casting it.
  • It's also possible to prevent the purple fog by 'dodging' it, as it registers as an AOE attack.
  • Evade toward her left side to avoid many of her attacks. Getting to her back side guarantees safety from most of her attacks.
  • Poison Knives are very effective against this boss.
  • Molotovs and Oil Urns can be combined for a safe, effective strategy.
  • The Arcane weapon buff Empty Phantasm Shell is effective against this boss.
  • Using the Tiny Music Box during this fight will cause the Wet Nurse to side step.
  • Most of her attacks (save for the blade flurry) can be rolled under. Pay attention to which way her arms move when she swings them around.
  • She is particularly weak to bolt, an upgraded Tonitrus or another upgraded weapon with Bolt Paper can do massive damage to her.
  • She is extremely weak to Rapid Poison as well.


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Flying Lunge Dodge forward into the attack or evade to the left or right to avoid this attack.
Long Slashing Attack with all Blades The Wet Nurse slashes viciously with all blades. Evade away from this attack or position yourself behind the boss so that you can attack during this long animation.
Spinning Attack The boss spins from its left to its right. Evade into the boss towards the left side to avoid this very dangerous attack. If this attacks hits you will take massive damage.
Lunge Attack The boss uses all of her blades to to do lunge attack in a straight line in front of her. If you take your distance, the attack won't even hit you most of the time.
Blade Slam The boss slams all blades on the ground in front of her. Has a long windup, and is easy to get hits in if you roll behind her.
Arm Stretch Occurs while the arena is covered in fog. The Wet Nurse stretches her arms forward in an attempt to stab the player. While this attack covers a great distance and can be difficult to see, it's easily avoided by dodging to the side.
Nightmare Veil Blankets the area in darkness, drastically reducing visibility. Keep moving till it wears off.
Phase 2 Attack Description & Counter
Deathly Duo Used only while Nightmare Veil is in effect. Summons a clone that attacks from beside you at regular intervals; Dash counterclockwise along the edge of the arena and don't stop moving until the effect ends.



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Lore Notes

  • Mergo's Wet Nurse bears a resemblance to the Amygdala's with its four pairs of long limbed arms, although its head shape is entirely different.
  • The nightmare slain is actually Mergo, or the nightmarish link to Mergo, for whom the wet nurse is only the guardian. The long pause between defeating the boss and the confirmation that the nightmare is in fact slain only happens after the baby's cries fade away and goes silent.
  • Mergō is the first person form of the latin verb mergere which can mean anything from "to submerge", "to overwhelm", "to drown", "to conceal". One may assume that Mergo submerges the player and various NPCs in The Nightmare.
  • Mergo continues to cry during the fight and there is a strange patch of light just past the crib.
  • She is the only Great One that uses weapons and the blades greatly resemble the Burial Blade. According to the Burial Blade's description the blade, the siderite blade "fell from the heavens". It may have been dropped or given by The Wet Nurse.
  • The Wet Nurse does not bleed. Instead, hitting her produces puffs of dust and a strange sound. The same thing happens when hitting ghostlike enemies like Silver Lady, Evil Labyrinth Spirit and Mad Ones. This suggests that The Wet Nurse is a disembodied spirit.
  • Her amulet, with its four gems, matches the rune Communion.


Notes & Trivia

  • It's possible for the clone to remain after the fog dissipates.
  • She has one of two One Third of the Umbilical Cord's in the game that don't require correct actions to be taken at set times. The other being in the Abandoned Workshop.
  • After Mergo's Wet Nurse dies, the lullaby stops and the baby starts crying. However, using the Tiny Music Box makes the baby laugh before it goes silent.
  • After defeating her you can also go back the direction you entered, and Queen Yharnam, who was previously sobbing, will bow her head in thanks and vanish.
  • Mergo's Wet Nurse, along with Moon Presence, are the only two bosses that give the message "Nightmare Slain" instead of the normal "Prey Slaughtered" (or the Japanese message "You Hunted"). However, it could also be argued that the "Nightmare Slain" message doesn't appear until Mergo's crying stops, implying that the Nightmare was Mergo. The DLC increases this number to three with the Orphan of Kos.
  • The battle is triggered by going near the baby stroller, so it's possible to circle around the whole arena without starting the fight, as long as you stay a certain distance away from the stroller.
  • This fight was bugged and seemingly incomplete in pre-release copies, having only one attack programmed. This is not the case in the proper releases. Restarting the console seems to help with that glitch.
  • If you kill Mergo's Wet Nurse while she finishes casting her fog, her dying animation plays but the fog and health bar stay. You have to wait until the fog disappears to see the "Nightmare Slain" screen.



Wet Frontal 2 Thumb.jpg Wet Frontal 3 Thumb.png
Wet Skyward 1 Thumb.jpg Wet Teleport Thumb 2.jpg
Wet Omnislash 1 2 Thumb.jpg Wet Darkness Summon Crop Thumb.png
Wet Frontal Dark 1 Thumb.png Wet Dark 1 Crop Thumb.png
Wet Slasher Thumb 2.png Wet Slasher 2 Thumb.jpg
Wet Clones Dark 1 Thumb.jpg Wet Stretcharms 1 3 Thumb.png
Wet Clones Attack Thumb.jpg Wet Darkness Spider 2 Thumb.jpg
Wet Stretcharms 3 Thumb.jpg Wet Clones Slaughter Thumb 2.png


Wet Amulet Close-up 3 Thumb.jpg Wet Arm & Belly Detail Thumb.png
Wet Sword Detail Thumb.png Wet Tipped Thumb.jpg
Wet Darkness Summon Eyes Thumb.jpg Wet False Eyes Thumb.jpg
Wet Feather Detail Thumb.jpg Wet Luminous Patch 2 Thumb.png
Wet Luminous Patch 1 Thumb.jpg



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    • 20 Sep 2020 04:08  

      oof can we keep our random hypothesis connected to blood and other Dark Souls games out of "Lore Notes" and in the comment section? there's a rouge editor here

      • Anonymous

        31 Aug 2020 01:22  

        I mean yeah you can kill the clone in one hit but it instantly spawns another one, so what even is the point?

        • 10 Aug 2020 15:50  

          on co-op I found a bug with the nightmare veil attack. Once it ends, her scythes are still glowing as if the mist was still there and the clone occasionally shows up. It's actually pretty obnoxious lmao

          • Anonymous

            18 Jun 2020 01:52  

            I just experienced a rare glitch that makes so her second phase never began. It went night only after I defeated her. Since this was my first play through I thought the boss was way too easy. Thank God I got lucky and had a glitch :)

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              15 Jun 2020 07:51  

              I got her health bar to 0 and it didn't show that the battle ended for a hot sec. I thought there was going to be a second phase, she was much easier than I expected.

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                29 May 2020 07:12  

                is no one gonna talk about how its design looks like a mutant version of the gold hemmed black set from ds1?

                • Anonymous

                  18 May 2020 02:35  

                  On ng++ her spin attack will one shot at level 190 (50 vigor too), with max tier great lake rune, max tier lake rune, max tier clockwise metamorphasis rune, iron yahargul helm, beast hide garb, constable gloves, and harrowed trousers. C o o l

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Mar 2020 19:04  

                    I just fought her for the first time, using +8 whirligig saw, idk what happened but she never once used her fog attack, was a piece of cake

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Jan 2020 13:39  

                      When I stood next to the basket that supposedly contains Mergo after killing her Wet Nurse, I thought I heard a shush from a woman before the baby stopped crying. If someone can confirm this, it would be interesting to know if it is Queen Yharnam that soothes the child or maybe even the Doll, maybe as a nightmare mediator. If not then it is possible I consumed too much insight IRL and I am hearing things

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                        30 Dec 2019 21:49  

                        I jus smack her ass a lot and run and roll like a mad man when the purple fog happens... very haaaaarrrrd!!!

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Dec 2019 06:21  

                          If you run and dodge like a spastic during the mist you'll be totally fine. Just wait for the arms to appear then dodge accordingly, it's easier than going for hits, as you'll get ganked

                          • 29 May 2019 18:00  

                            I swear to GOD I'm 100% sure the Mergo's crying sound effect is the same found in the level 6 "Infiltrate the Manji Cult" of Tenchu. Tenchu came out in 1998 (more than 20 years ago!) so the audio designer is the same or he used the same file in the library. Awesome!

                            • Anonymous

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                              Sometimes this website is bull*****There is no way to stop the fog, that just kills me, and the Molotov cocktail and oil urn don’t work, learn from my mistakes, dear reader.

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                                man chikage with rapid poison gem makes this boss a walk in the park.killed her in first go. poor thing didnt even changed phases:(

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