Insight Bath Messenger is a special merchant in Bloodborne. insightbathmessenger.JPG

  • Location: This merchant can be found at Hunter's Dream just outside the door on the left, inside the house, and will only appear when 1 insight has been collected. (They required 10 insight before patch 1.04)
  • Note: This merchant sells an unlimited amount of consumables referring to the amount of Insight you currently hold.


Shop List [incomplete]

Name Quantity Price
small_resonant_bell.pngSmall Resonant Bell 1 1 Insight
sinister_bell.pngSinister Bell 1 1 Insight
beast_blood_pellet.pngBeast Blood Pellet Unlimited 1 Insight each
blue_elixir.pngBlue Elixir Unlimited 2 Insight each
lead_elixir.pngLead Elixir Unlimited 2 Insight each
pungent_blood_cocktail.pngPungent Blood Cocktail Unlimited 1 Insight each
numbing_mist.pngNumbing Mist Unlimited 2 Insight each
fire_paper.pngFire Paper Unlimited 1 Insight each
bolt_paper.pngBolt Paper Unlimited 1 Insight each
shaman_bone_blade.pngShaman Bone Blade Unlimited 1 Insight each
bloodstone_shard.pngBlood Stone Shard Unlimited 1 Insight each
twin_bloodstone_shards.pngTwin Blood Stone Shards Unlimited 2 Insight each
bloodstone_chunk.pngBlood Stone Chunk Unlimited 20 Insight each
blood_rock.pngBlood Rock Unlimited 60 Insight each
coldblood_flowerbud.pngColdblood Flowerbud Unlimited 2 Insight each
bloodshot_eyeball.pngBloodshot Eyeball Unlimited 2 Insight each
living_string.pngLiving String Unlimited 10 Insight each
red_jelly.pngRed Jelly Unlimited 5 Insight each
pearl_slug.pngPearl Slug Unlimited 3 Insight each
Attire(Armor sets unlock when certain NPC hunters are killed)* Please add more / edit if necessary *  
Father Gascoigne's Set
Gascoigne039s_Cap.jpgGascoigne's Cap 1 1 Insight
Gascoigne039s_Garb.jpgGascoigne's Garb 1 3 Insight
Gascoigne039s_Gloves.jpgGascoigne's Gloves 1 1 Insight
Gascoigne039s_Trousers.jpgGascoigne's Trousers 1 1 Insight
Hunter Djura's Set
grey_wolf_cap.pngGrey Wolf Cap 1 1 Insight
ashen_hunter_garb.pngAshen Hunter Garb 1 3 Insight
ashen_hunter_gloves.pngAshen Hunter Gloves 1 1 Insight
ashen_hunter_trousers.pngAshen Hunter Trousers 1 1 Insight
Henryk's Hunter Set   Available after defeating Henryk in Oedon Tomb during Eileen's storyline
henryks_hunter_cap.pngHenryk's Hunter Cap 1 1 Insight
henryks_hunter_garb.pngHenryk's Hunter Garb 1 3 Insight
henryks_hunter_gloves.pngHenryk's Hunter Gloves 1 1 Insight
henryks_hunter_trousers.pngHenryk's Hunter Boots 1 1 Insight
Bone Ash Set Available after defeating the second boss within the Central Pthumerian Labyrinth
bone_ash_mask.pngBone Ash Mask 1 2 Insight
bone_ash_armor.png Bone Ash Armor 1 4 Insight
bone_ash_gauntlets.pngBone Ash Gauntlets 1 2 Insight
bone_ash_leggings.pngBone Ash Leggings 1 2 Insight
Maria Hunter Set   Available after defeating Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
maria_hunter_cap.pngMaria Hunter Cap 1 3 Insight
Maria_hunter_garb.pngMaria Hunter Garb 1 5 Insight
maria_hunter_gloves.pngMaria Hunter Gloves 1 3 Insight
maria_hunter_attire.pngMaria Hunter Trousers 1 3 Insight

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