Shaman Bone Blade

A blade of bone coated with gruesome spinal fluid.
Used by old labyrinth watchers, in particular, those presiding over rituals.

When a Victim is cut by this blade, the green spinal fluid temporarily numbs the senses, disturbing the target's gross motor skills. The blade, never intended for battle, must cut deep to be effective, and breaks.

 Shaman Bone Blade is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne. It is used to turn enemies hostile towards other enemies.


Shaman Bone Blade Usage

Slash foes to cause them to temporarily lose their sense of direction.

  • Used to turn enemies hostile towards other enemies for 20 seconds. (duration needs confirmation)
  • The reach is melee range, so use at point blank for it to take effect.
  • Not effective on all enemies.







  • Effect is similar to Undead Rapport in Dark Souls.


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    • Anonymous

      Best way of acquiring these is buying them for insight. do not waste your time farming.
      Create a Pthuumeru chalice for 2x2500 blood echoes for ritual blood (1) and an extra 1000 echoes to create the actual chalice.
      beat the 3 bosses and get 6 total insight. and buy 6 of them.
      If you want you can also create a pthumerian root and you get a madman knowledge for every coffin that doesn't have a weapon variant, blood gem or rune.

      • Anonymous

        Personal tip:

        This is amazing for loran chalice chime maidens since they tend to spawn double in the same room. using 1 makes it fair to fight just 1 summoner. if you are underlevelled just use 2 and get done with it.
        Also good for the summoners in lower pthumerian if you are underlevelled.
        and good vs the big spider in nightmare of mensis.

        It's a great counter to the strategy where a big enemy is surrounded by smalled enemies and wont let you fight them in peace.

        • Anonymous

          It does work on Celestial Emissary, when used on 50% Hp, right before he grows he gets chunked by his Adds.

          • Anonymous

            Can anyone explain why this doesn't restock from storage upon death? Bit annoying having to return to the dream to do it manually

            • Anonymous

              Sometimes it works sometimes it DOESN'T WORK. Still it's pretty good. (If theres a bunch of enemies or a gank boss)

              • Anonymous

                This does absolutely nothing on the Fishing Hamlet giants. I literally just used all 3 on the giants in the well after dropping the one down below 50% and NONE of the blades worked. And yes, all 3 hit the giants. This doesn't work, or it's *****ing glitched out.

                • Anonymous

                  I wish i camed here b4 i wasted 3 hours to get rakuyo, i even got a bug where the second shark cliped through the floor and died, and no, no rakuyo, even with loging off and on. Thank you dark souls.

                  • Anonymous

                    Either I'm lucky, or like half the time when I kill that one brainsucker in cathedral ward I get a bone blade. I guess if anyone wants to farm these just try killing it a couple times.

                    • Anonymous

                      Works well on celestial Embassarie. Seek him out, give him the bone and watch him get b*tch slapped by his own possie!

                      It’s such a shame it don’t work on merciless Watchers. That would be fun to watch.

                      • Anonymous

                        Yeah... Just used this thing on the Shark Giants in the Fishing Hamlet, and while they’ll turn hostile, THEY DEAL NO DAMAGE TO ONE ANOTHER. Pretty sure they patches out the one reason to use the Shaman Bone Blade. Don’t waste your time with this item, folks.

                        • Anonymous

                          Making this boss even more of a joke, you can use the bone blade on it and all the smaller mobs will completely destroy it before it can even transform. It is one of the funniest things I've seen on BB.

                          • Anonymous

                            People should test this to see which bosses are effected (and which its even useful) I can confirm that it dose work on the three shadows.

                            • Anonymous

                              Found 6 on a corpse, in the 1st room of Mergo's Loft, behind 1 big and a few small spiders hanging from the ceiling

                              • Anonymous

                                I tried using them on the shadow of yarnham boss but it had zero effect and i got gangbanged by the three shadow *****ers. God *****

                                • Anonymous

                                  Helps with getting the Rakuyo, though for the love of God get out of the room once you've stabbed the second shark guy, don't get caught in that fight.

                                  • I unlocked this after completing Ptumerian Depth 2 Chalice Dungeon, which included a couple bosses either of which could have unlocked it. Bought at the Insight Messenger Bath for 1 Insight a piece.

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