Bloodstone is an upgrade material in Bloodborne used to strengthen weapons.


  • Used to strengthen weapons at the Workshop
  • There are various types of Bloodstones, and each type can strengthen the weapon within its tier. The max upgrade level is 10.

Icon & Name
Upgrade Tier
bloodstone_shard.png Bloodstone Shard
+1, +2, +3
twin_bloodstone_shards.png Twin Bloodstone Shards
+4, +5, +6
bloodstone_chunk.png Bloodstone Chunk
+7, +8, +9
blood_rock.jpg Blood Rock


  • Sold by: Bloodstone shards and twin shards are sold by bath messengers for blood echos. Chunks are bought for insight from the insight bath
  • Found: Bloodstone shard: werewolfs in Central Yharnam through Cathedral Ward
  • Bloodstone Twin Shards: rabid dogs and werewolfs Forbidden Woods through Yar'gul, unseen village
  • Bloodstone Chunks: nightmare of Mensis and the nightmare frontier drop randomly from most enemies.
  • Blood Rock: Nightmare of Mensis through the iron door below the mother brain
  • All Bloodstones can be found in chalice dungeons

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