Odd Tempering Blood Gemstone

A blood gem that fortifies weapons and adds various properties. Blood gems are especially rare blood stones that grow on coldblood.

Blood gems are kneaded into weapons using workshop tools, but only when of matching shape.

Most radial blood gems have effects that bear upon physical attacks.

Odd Tempering Blood Gemstone is a material Item in Bloodborne. They can be slotted in to Blood Gem Imprint slots in weapons to add an effect to a weapon. Blood Gems require the Blood Gem Workshop Tool and can be slotted and unslotted at the Workshop


Odd Tempering Blood Gemstone Usage



  • Tier 2 can be found at the chalice dungeon in random chest's



  • Player note 1



  • Trivia goes here





rating.jpgRating Add Physical ATK Add Physical ATK Add Physical ATK Adds slow Poison Wpn Durability UP Phys. UP at full HP Charge ATKs UP Reduces stamina costs Phys. UP near death HP continues to recover
5   Add physical ATK +10.5                
6 Add physical ATK +8.1 Add physical ATK +12.6                
7   Add physical ATK +14.7                
8   Add physical ATK +16.8                
9   Add physical ATK +18.9                
10   Add physical ATK +21                



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