Wheel Hunter Badge


Martyr Logarius led a band of Executioners, and this badge was crafted at their dedicated workshop. The Wheel symbolizes righteous destiny.

Their workshop was a secretive enclave of mystical beliefs and heady fanaticism which served as the backbone of the Executioners' unique brand of justice."

Wheel Hunter Badge is a Key Item in Bloodborne.




Wheel Hunter Badge Usage

  • Wheel hunter badge, from the Church's secret Workshop
  • Unlocks Logarius' Wheel and the Gold Ardeo. (13,000 and 60,000 blood echoes respectively)



  • Received from Alfred after giving him the Unopened Summons. Along with the Church bow gesture.
  • Can also be obtained by killing Alfred in his second location in Cathedral Ward. (See page for map, it's the area just before the guard who needs the password in order to access the Forbidden Woods) during the Paleblood Sky phase of the night.




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