Old Hunter Badge is a Key Item in Bloodborne.

external image Old_Hunter_Badge.png "This hunter's badge, crafted in Gehrman's time, has no practical purpose, except perhaps to assist in romanticizing the past.

The badge was a special privilege for the hunters of the past, and should not be dishonored.

It should be left in peace, unless one is truly prepared to assume the will of those gone before."

Old Hunter Badge Usage



  • It should be noted that if the player chooses to submit to Gehrman and allow him to take the player's life, the player will not receive the Old Hunter Badge upon entering NG+; the death of Gehrman is a necessity to obtain this badge.


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      18 Jan 2017 08:58  

      God, getting this guy down to like 20 percent health the first time and not making a dent afterwards is aggravating

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