Old Hunter Badge


This hunter's badge, crafted in Gehrman's time, has no practical purpose, except perhaps to assist in romanticizing the past.

The badge was a special privilege for the hunters of the past, and should not be dishonored.

It should be left in peace, unless one is truly prepared to assume the will of those gone before."

Old Hunter Badge is a Key Item in Bloodborne.




Old Hunter Badge Usage





  • It should be noted that if the player chooses to submit to Gehrman and allow him to take the player's life, the player will not receive the Old Hunter Badge upon entering NG+; the death of Gehrman is a necessity to obtain this badge.



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    • Anonymous

      I wonder what happens after i eat One third of Uniblier cord 3 times and die to the bloodborn beast ? Do I get another changse to fight it or is everythink over then ? And do I still get the of hinters bade so i get get everybody weapon on the First Run of the game ???

      • Anonymous

        Is it just me, or does that look like one of the humanity creatures from the Dark Souls series? (tl:dr at bottom)

        If it is, then it serves as a connection between the two series, and if so, that first line of the description makes it clear that the Dark Souls series happened in the past. It's lack of practical purpose therefore makes sense, since in bloodborne, the undead curse is no more, and as a result, consuming humanity is no longer necessary nor common.

        The last line of the description likely refers to Artorias the Abysswalker, Farron's undead legion who followed in his footsteps, and anyone else who also sought to fight back the abyss. The dark soul and it's descendants were once, and often still are, peaceful, but if disturbed (like with Gwyn's branding the seal of fire on the ringed knights' stuff, the seals of which are probably what led to the spread of the undead curse), bad things are known to have happened, such as the birth and spread of the abyss, and its subsequent corruption of humanoids into raving beasts of all kinds. In other words, dont trifle with the abyss unless you want a whole lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders.

        In DS3 (idk about the other souls games), creatures afflicted by the abyss have glowing red eyes. Interestingly, every single lycanthrope (the scary monsters in Farron with the crosses fixed to their backs) have these glowing red eyes. Though they may not be lycanthropes in the most conventional sense, they could be hairless, undead versions of what's to come later in bloodborne.

        Back to Farron's undead legion; they partake of the great grey wolf's blood in order to help them hunt the abyss wherever it may crop up. As I understand it, (I havent actually played BB) hunters also rely extensively on blood throughout the game. I also noticed through some pictures I saw a while back that there are some large similarities between the undead legion armor and some armor in Bloodborne. Specifically, the really high collar/neck guard that laces in the front and has a fold that goes around the top edge. Just thought that was interesting.

        On a final note, the firekeepers, as well as Saint Aldrich, have visions of the future. The firekeeper see a world where the first flame has completely died out, signaling the beginning of the age of dark; of man. Aldrich, on the other hand, saw what he called the age of the deep sea, and in dark souls, "deep" is synonymous with dark. The "sea" could refer to liquid blood, which is fairly rare in an era of hollowing undead, but would be present in MUCH greater volumes following the dawn of the age of man and the resulting destruction of the undead curse.

        All in all, I think it's likely that Bloodborne is set far into the age of man, and the hunters are following in the footsteps of the Abysswalker and the Abyss Watchers with the goal of hunting humans whose humanity has grown wild and led to both the corruption of their bodies and their minds

        tl:dr - Speculation on the connection between the dark souls series and bloodborne, inspired by this humanity-shaped pendant.

        • Anonymous

          God, getting this guy down to like 20 percent health the first time and not making a dent afterwards is aggravating

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