Firing Hammer Badge


Badge crafted by the Oto Workshop, precursor to the workshop of the heretical Powder Kegs.

The Powder Kegs were driven by singular ideas, and crafted strange weapons of great intricancy.
It is clear that the philosophy of the Powder Kegs was already established at this time."

Firing Hammer Badge is a Key Item in Bloodborne from The Old Hunters DLC.




Firing Hammer Badge Usage



  • In the Hunter's Nightmare go downstairs in the dimly lit house (after the path of three turrets)
    and go outside through the left door. Head up the two flights of stairs and
    defeat the beast clawed hunter to get the badge.



  • See Powder Kegs page for information on the lore of this item.



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    • Anonymous

      I think the guy that drops this is probably the third of Djura's 3 disciples/allies/whatever. They're a group of former powder kegs that have turned on the healing church to protect beasts, one of them is already in the nightmare and their ideology could lend itself to embracing beasthood, as this guy clearly has.

      • Anonymous

        Thought it was worth noting that this badge appears to be nothing more than a rusted flintlock mechanism (the firing hammer on a flintlock pistol). Makes sense that the Oto Workshop wouldn’t have even crafted their own badge, but rather used a common device in their arsenal as a symbol since they favored practicality over art.

        • Anonymous

          Go down the stairs in the abandoned house in the Hunter's Nightmare (the one with the rigged bomb and the Boom Hammer). From the stairs, go out the left door. The one on the right leads to the blood river. The one on the left has an item on a body (3 Beast Blood Pellets). Go up the short stairs and you'll meet a hostile hunter with the Beast Claws equipped. Kill him for the Firing Hammer badge.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah this is a terrible article. The location section doesn't even say what area it's supposed to be in. Referencing the Cleric Beast is just confusing and unnecessary, and makes people think you are talking about Central Yharnam or Cathedral Ward.
            I'm pretty sure they are referring to the beast-claws + beasts-embrace hunter you find in the DLC right when you come across the blood river (if you try and go left out the door instead of actually heading across the river), and that they are saying he drops the badge

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