Crow Hunter Badge


Badge of a hunter of hunters, who hunts those who have become addled with blood.

The badge of the Hunter of Hunters is quietly passed down from generation to generation, usually to an outsider from the hinterlands.

To be entrusted with this cursed badge, one must be strong, resilient to the seduction of blood, and gracious when taking a comrade's life."


Crow Hunter Badge is a Badge Item in Bloodborne.



Crow Hunter Badge Usage



  • Drops from Eileen the Crow if killed or given by her if you complete her questline.



  • Can be received by killing Eileen or letting her die at any point during her quest events(anywhere she appears, basically), she also gives this to the player if you complete all her events.



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    • Once you enter the Forbidden Forest she is gone for good. The first place to find her is just past the old lady's apartment. Go into the next building and before going down the stairs where you meet a madman wielding a saw, look to your right and you'll see a bunch of barrels obstructing a hidden path. Go there and to the right you will see another entrance obstructed by barrels. There she awaits. The second encounter will be right outside of Cathedral Ward going towards Grand Cathedral. Here she will discuss her mission to kill Henryk to which you can help her and start her quest.

      • Anonymous

        is it too late to submit a question? man, Eileen died to Henryk on my NG, is it possible to meet her again? I still got the crow's hunter badge, will i miss anything if she's dead for good?

        • Anonymous

          I found her at the start and started to attack her now everything I get back to that point she tryst to kill me how do I make peace

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