Badges in Bloodborne are trophies that one acquires from defeating Bosses, completing quest-lines, joining a covenant or by finding them in the world. They allow the Hunter to acquire new gear from the Messengers.

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    • Anonymous

      03 Feb 2019 19:28  

      The spark hunters badge wasn’t worth it If you get grabbed by the snatchers(sack men) then if you run down the street then you get the tonitrus

      • Anonymous

        I dunno05 Jul 2016 14:48  

        I think it would have been neat if we could equip these and would do something like 10% more damage with saw weopaens ect

        • Anonymous

          Cainhurst Badge05 Jul 2016 14:48  

          I wasn't able to buy sedatives until I got it. Should that be added? I got the badge, went to the shop, and saw Sedatives had been added.

          • Anonymous

            Cosmic eye watcher badge05 Jul 2016 14:48  

            The cosmic eye watcher bagel is obtained off a body in the orphanage. It unlocks the rosmarinus, the holy water spraying device.

            • Anonymous

              Spark Hunter Badge05 Jul 2016 14:48  

              The purchase of bolt papers from the insight messengers needs to be added. Not sure when the regular messengers sell it.

              • Anonymous

                In-Game Changes05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                It seems that you gain an additional messenger in the bottom bath for each hunter badge you obtained.

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