Hand Lantern


Small portable lantern.
This hunting accessory provides light while leaving both hands free to hold weapons.

The torch, however, provides a stronger source of light.

Hand Lantern is a Consumable in Bloodborne.


Hand Lantern Usage

  • While activated, the Hand Lantern will illuminate the surrounding area.
    • This can be done while being able to wield weapons/firearms in both hands.
    • However, it provides a low amount of illumination when compared to a torch.




Hand Lantern Location


Player Notes

  • Despite being listed as a Consumable, it's an item of unlimited usage.
  • This item is mainly used as a way to grant illumination while not restricting your ability to fight.
    • However, because the amount of illumination is faint, it may be best to use a torch if you need to see in the dark more easily.
    • Furthermore, the Hunter's Torch can be an effective choice of sidearm in regards to damage and providing illumination in a dark area.
  • It does affect Old Yharnam Beasts who are also afraid of the torch and Hunter's Torch.



  • It's similar to the Augite of Souls worn by the player in "Demon's Souls."
  • When Bloodborne was first released, using the Hand Lantern would reduce your stamina regeneration.
    • This is no longer true as of Patch 1.04.


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