Hand Lantern

Small portable lantern.
This hunting accessory provides light while leaving both hands free to hold weapons.

The torch, however, provides a stronger source of light.

Hand Lantern is a Consumable in Bloodborne.


Hand Lantern Usage

  • While activated, the Hand Lantern will illuminate the surrounding area.
    • This can be done while being able to wield weapons/firearms in both hands.
    • However, it provides a low amount of illumination when compared to a torch.




Hand Lantern Location


Player Notes

  • Despite being listed as a Consumable, it's an item of unlimited usage.
  • This item is mainly used as a way to grant illumination while not restricting your ability to fight.
    • However, because the amount of illumination is faint, it may be best to use a torch if you need to see in the dark more easily.
    • Furthermore, the Hunter's Torch can be an effective choice of sidearm in regards to damage and providing illumination in a dark area.
  • It does affect Old Yharnam Beasts who are also afraid of the torch and Hunter's Torch.



  • It's similar to the Augite of Souls worn by the player in "Demon's Souls."
  • When Bloodborne was first released, using the Hand Lantern would reduce your stamina regeneration.
    • This is no longer true as of Patch 1.04.


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    • Anonymous

      14 Apr 2018 01:37  

      Oh my god I still thought it was a hindrance to stamina. Haha, I'm dumb. Better late than never, see you around hunters.

      • Changes05 Jul 2016 14:42  

        Personally I always wonder if originally the Lantern wasn't an unlimited illumination item, and you had to keep it going through some sort of fuel. That would've made chalice dungeons interesting....Ah well, made some changes and cleaned the page up a bit.

        • Anonymous

          Not true in chalice dungeons -> "Does not effect enemies in Old Yharnam that are afraid of the torch."05 Jul 2016 14:42  

          It does.

          • Anonymous

            Sadness...05 Jul 2016 14:42  

            I am sad now, I loved my hand lantern, made sure I equipped it before every boss fight, telling myself it was good luck, when in reality, all I was doing was lowering my stamina regen. :(

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