The League is a covenant in Bloodborne. This covenant focuses on co-operative play and was added with the DLC patch in November 2015. the_league.jpg

"The League is a band of Hunters who have taken an oath and are bound by a single purpose. By aligning yourself to The League, led by a mysterious figure in a constable's garb and bucket helmet, you can assist other players online in the game and compete in The League's online rankings leaderboard.

In addition to The League, players will also be able to use The League cane and summon co-op NPCs within the game, perfect for tackling challenging areas and bosses."


The League Information

If you have not unlocked the door to the shortcut hut, you will have to venture into Forbidden Woods.


The League Rank Details


Required Vermin


1 0 Impurity rune
2 1 League Cane, League Oath
3 5 Master's Iron Helm, Madara's Whistle



Valtr: name is a deviation of Walther which stems from  old high-german words: "waltan" to rule  and "heri" army. The leader of an army is a fitting name for someone who leads a small "army" of confederates.

Developers introduce New NPC

  • Gesture note: Before crushing 5 vermin, your gesture will be the staff alone with your side-weapon showing. After crushing 5 vermin and with the Impurity rune equipped, the gesture will place your hand onto your heart.
  • After Crushing your 5th Vermin, return to Valtr to speak, return to Hunter's Dream and then back once more to Valtr. He will be missing, leaving his helmet behind. As you walk back outside, an invader will attack from your left.

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    • Anonymous

      28 Apr 2021 21:49  

      Dark version of Sunbros, traumatized by Solarie’s fate now determined to hunt and smash parasitic bugs

      • Anonymous

        07 Apr 2021 07:57  

        They could just copy paste threaded cane's moveset, change its stats a little(more blood atk etc.) and give it to third rank confederates as a weapon, but chose not to. Would be cool to salute fellow confederates with a bloody cane.

        • Anonymous

          07 May 2020 08:24  

          If you want to obtain 5 vermin for Valtr’s questline without any delay this is the fastest way I’ve used, reach him at around level 40 with + 6 weapons and go back to the blood starved beasts arena to ring the small resonant bell. The summon frequency is quick and you’ll down the boss in a short time from having a strong weapon. From first meeting Valtr to obtaining 5 vermin took 30 minutes. You can then keep the 3 vermin you get in the dlc as trophies for killing some of the toughest enemies in the game!

          • Anonymous

            15 Oct 2019 05:42  

            I'll probably be on all week. Very experienced. If you need some help or want to get spanked in PvP, let me know. PSN ID: Feels64

            • Anonymous

              17 Apr 2019 21:11  

              So I killed mr what’s his face with the bucket and another guy comes along and just goes yeet and 1 shots me with a hunters axe with MY HEALTH THE SIZE OF A FOOTBALL FIELD

              • Anonymous

                14 Jan 2019 21:40  

                i crushed 5 vermins got rank 3 but guy is still there and i defo crushed 5of em separately amd still nothing his stil.there doesn't matter how many timel.ill return back but theres so many bugs and***** we need to deal with

                • Anonymous

                  26 Dec 2018 14:31  

                  When getting attacked, was I the only one who cheated? I just wen't down the elevator and the Madaras Hunter just jumped off the top trying to catch me, fair to say that a man and a large drop didn't end well

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Oct 2018 15:10  

                    Glitchy as fck game. Confederate entered as my adversary. Even if it was because of my Hunter’s rune, there was no reason for my character to be considered blood addled.

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Mar 2017 06:48  

                      When I first encountered valor, he did not speak. He attacked me. I killed him. How do I get the impurity rune now if I killed valor. How do I join the league new?

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                        So I was playing Bloodborne a couple of hours before the 1.07 patch came out and everything was normal. However, when I started playing after the patch was installed I noticed something. My character can no longer walk in a straight line, they slightly veer off to the right or left. Is this some weird bug? Could it be my controller? I don't have a clue. As I said, everything was normal before the patch, and what could've happened to by controller to make it do this? I just left it on charge while the update was downloading and didn't touch it until it was done. Anyone else have this problem?

                        • 05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                          Praise the moon?

                          Hahahahahah, oh man they created a Lunaire huh? Hoping for some jolly cooperation-like behavior from him too....hopefully.....

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                            Am I the only one here who thinks the league are in fact the covenant that represents blood-addled hunters? It would make sense considering the way Valtr talks when speaking about killing beast or blood, as well as he even specifies that "Not all will embrace our line of work for what it is" (Such as the crow hunters?). Maybe someone can eventually find out if you also get vermin points for killing non-beasts/nightmares, because then that would highly strengthen my theory for that. Maybe, if he was in fact blood-addled, that would perhaps give some insight into his eye deformation and how blood affects hunters, as they go mad seeing vermin in everything they see, making them become murderers. What do you guys think?

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Jul 2016 08:41  

                              After hearing about glitches with him I've been careful not to enter the forbidden woods via the lamp there. I visited him perhaps 4 times, and on the 5th the angry npc with the whistle shows up. After killing the npc Valtr was still there and friendly. On a second note, I noticed using the old hunters bell on a non-league npc and going to summon a second league-member npc doesn't work. Try it in Hunter's Nightmare before the first boss and see what I mean. The summon sign disappears.

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