Lone Survivor is a Class or Origin in Bloodborne. Classes are selected at character creation and cannot be changed, and affect the starting Stats of your character.

Lone Survivor

Level 10
blood_echoes.jpgBlood Echoes 420
discovery.jpgDiscovery 100
vitality.jpgVitality 14
endurance.jpgEndurance 11
strength.jpgStrength 11
skill.jpgSkill 10
bloodtinge.jpgBloodtinge 7
arcane.jpgArcane 7



Lone survivor of a lost hamlet. High life essence and vigor.


Lone Survivor Information

  • Overall points: 60
  • Has the highest Vitality among all classes., suitable for new players and melee oriented Builds.
  • The "Lone Survivor" origin is designed as an template for tankier characters, capable of taking multiple hits in combat. It is similar to the "Knight" class in Dark Souls.






Cruel Fate  ♦  Military Veteran  ♦  Milquetoast  ♦  Noble Scion  ♦  Professional  ♦  Troubled Childhood  ♦  Violent Past  ♦  Waste of Skin


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    • Anonymous

      Surprisingly, this is the ultimate origin for skill bloodtinge min max builds as at least a little endurance is important for the chikage and the 11 strength 7 arcane vs 10 strength (for weapon requirements) and 8 arcane for the professional gives you a tiny damage bonus for physical weapons, the extra point in arcane for professional serves virtually no purpose not even a single increase in item discovery which stays at 100 until 9 or 10 arcane

      • Anonymous

        First char. started with this. I found it to be a good fit, what with you not being able to level until you are given your first point of Insight. The extra health and endurance helps, and the Bloodtinge and Arcane are average. I'd recommend a pistol along with a sawblade. You won't be dealing any decent damage with the pistols anytime soon, but they are still good for visceral attacks.

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