The True Blood-Addled Hunter Build
By: BookMeNot

LVL: 120+
Origin: Waste of Skin
Vitality: 45
Endurance: 30
Strength: 10
Skill: 14
Blood Tinge: 50
Arcane: 15

Armour doesn't really matter, something with good defense like the
Yar'ghul set or Bone Ash set. Personally either use the Henryk gear, or
the Knight's set with Yahrnam Hunter Cap.

Weapons (Melee):
The weapons to use will be the +10 Lost Chikage, using the blood gems
that will be listed below this part of the list. The next weapon will be of
the person's choice, as the build is built around the Chikage being your
main ‘melee' damage output. I just chose Burial Blade because it looks
cool transformed, but isn't really the best blood tinge weapon (at all!).
Note: If someone has an idea for a definitive second-hand weapon, please
reply in the Comments Section!

Weapons (Firearms):
The first obvious go-to is the Evelyn pistol, found in infamous Cainhurst
Castle. The weapon has great BloodTinge scaling, and damage, fires quickly
, and overall is just a good gun to use. The blood gems will be specified below
, as said by the me in the past. The second weapon is something that needs a
bit more oomph!, like the Blunderbuss, or Ludwig's Rifle. I would choose
something like the Cannon (Bass Cannon Meta FTW!), but that would be taking
the oomph! expression a bit too far in my opinion, though you can try it if you'd
like! Now, the reasoning for those two weapons, is that, as slow as they may be,
they have the potential to hit like a truck. The stagger is applied more easily with
these weapons (at least that's what I seemed to notice), which is important at
times when you're in PvE, as opposed to PvP. The reason both are mentioned is
that this build, in my opinion, can be used for both game modes, and work out
very well.

Blood Gems:
There WAS a slight problem with Blood Gems, but that has been cixed, thanks to people
that will be listed below. So, starting with the +10 Lost Chikage, We are going to use droplets
Why? Because I don't believe there are any Radial Bloodtinge Gemstones. The first gems up
are the Damp Bloodtinge Gemstones. These are droplet gemstones found in the main quest
and throughout Chalice Dungeons. The ones used are the Gem you find by the Mother Brain
on the bridge. This BloodTinge Gem gives you +21.6% damage, and has a rating of 14. The
Next gem is the same as the last, but found in the Layer Two treasure room of a Pthumeru
Ithyll Root Chalice Dungeon with Rotted and Fetid offerings. The gem gives you a 26.1%
Blood damage boost, and has a rating of 19. The final Blood Gem is Circle Bloodtinge Gemstone
, which is found in ANOTHER Pthumeru Ithyll Dungeon in a coffin guarded by a 'shotgun fatty.'
This Bloodtinge Gem gives you 31.5% Blood damage boost, and has a rating of 18.I still need to
find a code for a gem for the Evelyn, and will update info once I do. If anyone has a Chalice Code
with a Bloodtinge Gem (droplet or Circle) please say in the comments and I will respond.

Runes are something that are hard to think of, a there are many that are boring.
That may be a weakness to this build, but I stand by my equipment! The Covenant
Rune that will be used is the Hunter Rune, because the stamina regeneration speed
Is good, and it helps with backstory. The three rune slots are filled with two Blood
Rapture Runes (+250 and +300), as well as the Oedon Writhe Rune (+3 bullets restored).
These runes force your character a small amount to be more aggressive, and to be
the absolute best at parrying. Restoring (almost) a Blood Vial's worth of health and
gaining extra bullets is very viable If used correctly.

Hunter's Tools/ Items to put in Quick Select:
The last section is for Quick Select items, such as consumables or Hunter's Tools. Starting
from the first slot is Bone Marrow Ash, as the damage boost for firearms can make the
Evelyn an even greater force to be reckoned with. The second will be Adella's Blood. The
Health boost and continuous heal make this that can be fairly useful in many situations.
Third item is The Old Hunter's Bone, as it can be used to back up far enough away
fast enough to Get a shot in with your gun. Fourth item is the Beast Roar, and this item is used
to keep Away those melee baddies! For the Fifth and Sixth ones, put whatever you'd like. I put Molotov's
and oil urns down as well, just because I need to fill something up.

Now I know backstory isn't necessary, but I'm going to do it anyways, because it's my
Build. SO, after being put into this Hell on Earth, being forced to die countless times,
You find something you haven't experienced for what feels like a life-time: hospitality.
After going through a hidden path above some abandoned rafters, you find a person
looking over the edge of a balcony. Their garb is unlike anything you're used to,
covered in ruffled feathers, ripped and worn. You approach slowly, and are about to
say something when they notice you. “Who's there?,” they said. It appeared to be a woman.
After explaining your situation, she speaks again. “A hunter, are ya? And an outsider?
What a mess you've been caught up in. And on the night of a hunt… Well, in any case,
welcome to the hunt.” She hands you an odd emblem in the shape of a crescent shield.
Upon further experimentation you find out that you can return to the Hunter's Dream
safely, without losing your precious Blood Echoes. You thank her for her help, bid her
farewell, and turn to leave the balcony. “Prepare yourself for the worst. There's nothing
but beasts out there anymore. Fare well, and good hunting!"
End of First Encounter… (Will continue at a later date)

And that's my BloodTinge build for now! Please give me any thoughts, positive or
Negative, and I will take them into account! Thanks for reading to the end, and
Know that I will update as frequently as I can! Good Bye!
Sources: goo.gl/Hbqi8g-Damp Bloodtinge Gemstones (14 and 19)
goo.gl/5LVmdf-Circular Bloodtinge Gemstone (18)

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