Full elemental build focused on arcane stat

"When in doubt, just getsuga tenshou the hell out of it."

Great for both PVE and PVP. What moar can a hunter ask for?


This is my PvE (and PvP) Build for Bloodborne
  • Build Name: Full Metal Arcanist
  • Build Level: 75
  • Build Focus: Nearly perfect for everything
  • Main Stat: Arcane
  • Starting Class: Cruel Fate


  • Vitality - 30
  • Endurance - 18
  • Strength - 16 (required)
  • Skill - 12 (required)
  • Bloodtinge = 5 (doesn't matter)
  • Arcane - 44 (40 or above)


  • Right Hand:
  • Holy Moonlight Sword +10 Is a must. HMS is great for most situations against hard bosses and mobs, where you use the 1-handed sword to strike multiple enemies, and 2-handed form to make a high-damaged and low consuming moonlight slashes. It helped me to kill most chalice bosses when I just couldn't go melee on them (Yeah yeah, I should get gud). ATK UP bloodgems alongside Arcane bloodgems is needed to make this weapon deal a fair physical damage and a great 2-handed slashes.
  • Saw Cleaver +9 (Uncanny) with fire bloodgems. Fire and serration are both effective against most beasts in the night of the hunt, especially in Loran Chalice dungeons. The bloodgems are mostly from the DLC part of the game, and a good triangle fire bloodgem is found also in the DLC (Fishing Hamlet to be exact) to fit nicely to the triangle slot of the uncanny Saw Cleaver.
  • Beasthunter Saif +10 with bolt bloodgems. Against kin of cosmos, hunters in PVP, and blobby things, bolt element is devastating against them. Perfect for Great Izs dungeon, since you have damage, speed, and fast initiating. The starter bolt bloodgems can be found also in DLC part of the game.
  • Left Hand:
  • Starter Pistol or Blunderbuss.
  • Head: Blindfold Cap. You don't want to see how weak are your enemies, do you?
  • Chest: Whatever you want.
  • Hands: ^
  • Legs: ^^
  • Runes: Anything is good, except for the broccoli head rune. I was eager to die every time I equip it, how can you see your waifu face otherwise?
  • Items:
  • Blacksky Eye. For a quick and long range attacks if you are unable to use HMS ranged attacks.
  • A Call Beyond. Fantastic against huge bosses, and satisfying against multiple hunters. Although it deal huge damage, it can consume 7 Quicksilver Bullets, so use it wisely (HMS range slash is a good alternative with lower range)
  • Choir Bell. Magnificent for cooperation.
"Obey me, peasants! I killed over 9000 beasts. I eat your kin in the breakfast with a chopstick!"

Build Strategy

This build is an Arcane attribute focused, and have 3 different types of elements to help you have the edge against most areas with little dependent on physical attacks. Start your game with any weapon of your choice (Preferably Saw Cleaver), until you get to the DLC part. From there, get the great HMS and Beasthunter Saif. Alongside the Bloodgems, you will have a sweet time dealing a great damage to every enemy, and killing hunters with bolt Saif can't be easier. This build can become perfect when in coop with another player against hard bosses, or can be a great help when summoned to help others. Choir Bell is great when you summon an NPC or when you get summoned. (Useful Tip: Make a good looking character to make sure you survive. I mean, who the hell would like to see his waifu killed?)
Even if there is a similar build to this one, I hope at least it helped anyone of you as it helped me finish depth 5 chalice dungeons with lvl75.
Thanks for reading, and may the good blood guide you. Umbasa!

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