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80 30 (25) 15 (10) 14 25 40 (45) (50) 6

This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne. Created by Azure__Wolf

  • Build Name: Bloodtinge & Skill
  • Build Level: 80
  • Build Focus: PvE or PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Bloodtinge
  • Link to Bloodborne Calculator: Add link here


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Chikage \ Tonitrus
    Tonitrus for those pesky scorpions and jellys
  • Left Hand: Evelyn
  • Head:
  • Chest:
  • Hands:
  • Legs:
  • Items:I choose +Stamina 15% +4% dmg reduction +20% Vicreal dmg +More Stam regen or Blood dreg rune...The HP or QS viscreal runes ARE useful as well


Build Strategy

I choose the axe and pistol.. Upgraded the axe to +3 \ Evelyn +7 and killed the boss in Cainhurst solo with spamming vicreal attacks on em to get Chikage. Evelyn is in the Same location so you got all your weapons anyhow

Very High dps on Chikage while transformed as well as Viscreal Attacks. (PvP wise around 800-1200) (PvE highest I dealt was 4.4k) Evelyn shots deal from 100-300 depending on distance and armor ( 600~ with buff) (only at +9 atm)

Personally havent tried Repeating Pistol but I assume you'll pump out as much dmg as the mini-boss in Grand Cathedral


Vitality: 30 (25) Endurance: 15 (10) Strength: 14 Skill: 25 Bloodtinge: 40 (45) (50) Arcane: 6


Chikage \ Tonitrus and Evelyn __

By the way, once you transform Chikage your weapon will be sheathed for 2 seconds once you push r1 while sheathed your attack will do around 1.6x more damage then your regular tranformed attacks.


Its really up to you... I choose +Stamina 15% +4% dmg reduction +20% Vicreal dmg +More Stam regen or Blood dreg rune...The HP or QS viscreal runes ARE useful as well

Gem farming:

Farming the brain monsters thats at Nightmare of Mensis 2nd bonfire grants 14 rating gems that gives 18% - 19.8% (cursed) dmg for your Chikage.

Cursed gems are by far the best gems to use if you farm for the ones that don't give horrible stat decrease. (as in increase stamina usage by 2.7%)

For your gun theres a gem right where the big brain is that gives roughly 21.6% blood atk.


This build relies heavily on dodging, staggering and Sheath Attack with below average endurance to work with. ( although you can just go crazy firing your gun and kill what ever you want )

Your going to have a slow and frustrating start but once you get the hang of staggering and obtain your Chikage your good to go.

Have not lost a single match for awhile but when i do its mostly because I get trapped like an idiot ^^ HF HUNTING

Other info:
Level 80 is my determined build. If you feel as though it should be higher due to lack of vitality, endurance etc. I'm not stopping you for increasing my builds soul level to what ever amount pleases you.

Able to solo All Depth 4 and below chalice dungeons while still maintaining soul level 80 ( Defiled chalice layer 2 boss gave me the most problems )

The Reason I have 25 Skill is so I can deal with spiders effectively and have a new move set for chikage while PvP. Its up to you if you want to follow my 25 skill although you can just have the minimum Requirement for chikage (skill) and place it all into hit points, stamina, or bloodtinge.

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