Choir Arcanist

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This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne.
  • Build Name: Choir Arcanist
  • Build Level: 60
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Arcane
  • Starting Class: Cruel Fate
  • Link to Bloodborne Calculator: Add link here

Build Equipment

Build Strategy

This build is intended as a low level invasion build, in order to scare new and old players alike. You can invade people from 46 - 100 with this build and do some serious damage with the Tonitrus and a call beyond, but you will be rather squishy. This build cosplays as a member of the Choir and as such you are supposed to be sort of evil. Use your surroundings for advantage, hide behind monsters, fight dirty. Extra points for invading in the upper cathedral ward! You can go to chalice dungeons at this level if you absolutely want to maximize your damage, but you can find quite a few good gems even like this. Put arcane gems into the cane, which works surprisingly well with ATK vs beasts UP% gems, and bolt gems into the Tonitrus in order to strengthen its trick buff.
You can find necessary gems throughout the maingame (Spoiler Alert)
  • Arcane triangular in the poison cave in the forbidden forest tunnel. Drop into the hole on the left and pick it right up, works as a suicide run (but you don't have to).
  • Arcane Damp droplet towards the end of the game after fighting Micolash you can go and pick it up when you go to the giant brain area with the iron key.
  • Bolt Waning can be farmed of the Loran Silverbeasts in Nightmare Frontier and later in the game you can pick a decent one up soon after Rom at the first chime maiden.

An easy way to progress through the game would be to level your vitality and endurance to the limits first and upgrade the cane as you cannot get arcane gems very early. You should concentrate your early upgrades on the flamesprayer until you have it on +3, this way you can tear Amelia apart, opening up many areas to you, allowing you access to gems and shards. Then you can just start leveling up your Arcane stat until you reach the limit. Also, don't shy away from throwable items, molotovs cocktails can do huge damage with high arcane.
The hunter tools are tricky to use, but will do great damage if they connect. A Call Beyond can oneshot unsuspecting explorers, the Augur is great to knock people off their feet, and the tiny Tonitrus can be devastating in thight locations.
You can also easily advance this build towards an arcane Logarius' Wheel build, simply increase your strength to either the weapon requirements and use the tricked mode only, for good arcane damage, or split your stats to 50/50 str/arc.
Also note, this build does not support a gun for parries. If you want to use one, use the starting pistol or one of the two church firearms.

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