Military Veteran is a Class or Origin in Bloodborne. Classes are selected at character creation and cannot be changed, and affect the starting Stats of your character.

Military Veteran

Level 10
blood_echoes.jpgBlood Echoes 320
discovery.jpgDiscovery 100
vitality.jpgVitality 10
endurance.jpgEndurance 10
strength.jpgStrength 14
skill.jpgSkill 13
bloodtinge.jpgBloodtinge 7
arcane.jpgArcane 6



Experienced in war. A soldier with strength and skill.


Military Veteran Information

  • Overall points: 60
  • Has balanced high Strength and Skill, at the cost of low Bloodtinge and having the lowest Arcane among all classes.
  • Has the second highest Strength among all class, it has high Skill to compensate the scaling as well.
  • Suitable for new players and melee oriented Builds.






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