This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne,created by the user Gilganesth.

This build is a hybrid of  an Arcane build with a Strengh build,resulting in a very versatile build for both close combat and ranged combat and others situations.

Build Information:


Right Hand Weapon: Ludwig's Holy Blade or Holy Moonlight Sword as main weapon,secondary weapon is your own choice.

Left Hand Weapon: Hunter Pistol as main fire arm, Flamesprayer or Rosmarinus or Loch Shield as the secondary fire arm.

Head: Maria Hunter Cap or Tomb Prospector Hood or any other of your like.

Chest: Maria Hunter Garb or Tomb Prospector Garb or any other of your like.

Hands: Maria Hunter Gloves or Tomb Prospector Gloves or any other of your like.

Legs: Maria Hunter Trousers or Tomb Prospector Trousers or any other of your like.

Hunter Tools: Beast Roar,A Call Beyond,Augur of Ebrietas,Tiny Tonitrus,Empty Phantasm ShellExecutioner's Gloves and Choir Bell.

Runes: Clockwise Metamorphosis,Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis,Formless Oedon and Impurity.

Stats Information:






Arcane:40 or 50

Recommended Origin: Cruel Fate or Military Veteran


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