Cruel Fate is a Class or Origin in Bloodborne. Classes are selected at character creation and cannot be changed, and affect the starting Stats of your character.

Cruel Fate

Level 10
blood_echoes.jpgBlood Echoes 500
discovery.jpgDiscovery 119
vitality.jpgVitality 10
endurance.jpgEndurance 12
strength.jpgStrength 10
skill.jpgSkill 9
bloodtinge.jpgBloodtinge 5
arcane.jpgArcane 14



Faced terrible hardships, but now confident in your purpose.


Cruel Fate Information

  • Overall points: 60
  • The "Cruel Fate" origin is designed as an template for characters desiring to take full advantage of arcane attacks.
  • Has the highest Arcane  stat among starter classes, at the cost of having the lowest Bloodtinge.
  • Starting at 14 Arcane, this class is only one Arcane point short of being able to use Beast Roar, Empty Phantasm Shell, Old Hunter Bone, and Choir Bell. (Additionally meets Messenger's Gift stat requirement of 10 Arcane.)
  • Suitable for Arcane oriented Builds.






Lone Survivor  ♦  Military Veteran  ♦  Milquetoast  ♦  Noble Scion  ♦  Professional  ♦  Troubled Childhood  ♦  Violent Past  ♦  Waste of Skin

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    • Anonymous

      Seems like this is the best class to pick if you a) have no use for Bloodtinge and b) wish to use hunter tools that require some Arcane investment.

      • Anonymous

        Players can have a flamethrower after beating Father G. Whoever pick this class will have a wonderful time playing with Fire.

        • Anonymous

          Apparently, according to Gamesport "there is one unlisted stat that makes cruel fate one of the best classes to pick: discovery. As stated above, this stat increases the likelihood of enemy drops. Whereas all the other classes’ discovery starts at 100 or 103, Cruel Fate starts at a whopping 119." I don't know how on earth they would have such information, but having secret benefits no one can find out seems a little odd? As is, Gamespot says Cruel Fate has a higher drop rate as the other ones. Can anyone confirm this?

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