Waste of Skin is a Class or Origin in Bloodborne. Classes are selected at character creation and cannot be changed, and affect the starting Stats of your character.

Waste of Skin

Level 4
blood_echoes.jpgBlood Echoes 10
discovery.jpgDiscovery 103
vitality.jpgVitality 10
endurance.jpgEndurance 9
strength.jpgStrength 10
skill.jpgSkill 9
bloodtinge.jpgBloodtinge 7
arcane.jpgArcane 9



You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn't have been born."


Waste of Skin Information

  • Overall points: 54
  • The "Waste of Skin" origin is designed as a blank slate with low stats, for the player to form into whatever character they wish. it is similar to the "Deprived" class for Dark Souls.
  • The hardest beginning class to play as, stat wise.
  • However, extremely easy to level up due to having the lowest starting level.






Cruel Fate  ♦  Lone Survivor  ♦  Military Veteran  ♦  Milquetoast  ♦  Noble Scion  ♦  Professional  ♦  Troubled Childhood  ♦  Violent Past


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    • Anonymous

      Anyone who ever tells you Waste of Skin/Deprived is a “bad class” is a complete burger-brain. I don’t PVP-cap with these weenies when I play these classes, I level to 700+. I prefer waste of skin because I get more wiggle-room per build and more levels to allocate points than any other class.

      IF (like me, depending on the character) you’re a Weenie who PvP-caps, this is NOT the class to do that with.

      • Anonymous

        I know it's a haha funny to say deprived is the best class/origin or whatever, but it really does feel different to play than the other classes, even in Bloodborne. If you're prone to agonizing over starting classes like me, try saying **** it and roll waste of skin. It's been the most enjoyable starter for every Fromsoft game for me.

        • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Waste of Skin and you spam the Vitality stat as soon as you can level up. Makes the first few levels of the game excessively easy, I don't know if there's a point where I'll regret doing that later but so far it's a breeze

            • Anonymous

              the first time I played the game, I choose this class, without even realizing it was the hardest to begin with, atleast that helped me improve quite a lot.

              • Anonymous

                Waste of skins are like paper and books are like pencilsmaybe a blank paper but write something good and you'ill get a really good book.

                • Anonymous

                  So it's pretty evenly spread for all stats, but I've been looking at this for like 10 minutes and the total stats gained for "Waste of Skin" are 64, while all other classes net you only 60. Am I right in thinking that these 4 extra stats plus the 6 extra levels you are allotted makes this the best starting class? At least, if you are going to create a build with a level cap. I mean 10 extra stat points is a lot for any build. Thoughts?

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