Katrien Cardozo

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100 48 12 49 25 7 9

This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne. 

Build Equipment


Character Background

At a young age, Katrien was accused of impurity. She then had to undergo the thorny torture. Since this day, a frozen smile has been engraved on his face ... Is that madness or sincere happiness?

Originally a professional huntress, she adopted slowly a brutal fighting style. She wears a mask and glasses to protect her face from splashy blood and toxins... Conversely to most hunters, she despises firearms, and prefers heavy weapons and raw strength. She is very resistant, particularly against arcane attacks, but fears bolt. She can go completely berserk by eating beast blood pellets.

Despite her mental unstability, she is a very helpful partner. Except for blood-addled hunters... she will chase them until death.

Build Stat

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Build Strategy

This build is a classic "tank" build, allowing the completion of NG+6 at BL100. A lot of Strength combined with a lot of Vitality. Its particularity is a mid Skill, allowing maximum damage with Kirkhammer or Whirligig saw. This build has almost 1700 HP, and potentially a straight sword moveset with 850 damage per hit (see stats above). And a +50% bonus against Kin enemies (leading at 1200+ damage per hit!). However, do not count on Endurance (only 95 stamina), Bloodtinge or Arcane. In terms of defense, she has a good overall resistance, particularly against arcane. Her weakness is bolt attacks (be careful against Darkbeast Paarl, Abhorrent Beast or Kos lightnings).

Forget firearms and quicksilver bullets, forget parrying, and just hit your enemy with heavy weapons. Your stamina is low, so expect to deal high damage within a short combo, then rince and repeat.

As a starter weapon, your best option is the Saw Cleaver. But then, Kirkhammer will become your favorite weapon. Use the hammer to crush your opponent with a charged R2 and follow with an other R2 to make them fly, if they are still alive. Use the sword if you want a faster moveset, a thrust option or a +50% bonus against Kin enemies! It will melt Amygdala, Rom, Celestial Emissary, Ebrietas or the Living Failures. Against beasts, use the Whirligig Saw in its pizza cutter form to get the +20% bonus. Do not rely too much on its special L2 move, you do not have enough stamina to use it efficiently. These 2 weapons are 2-handed in transformed mode, so do not worry about your left hand. For fun, you can use Fist of Gratia (240 damage with this build) to stagger your opponents, or surprise and humiliate them in PVP. You can also bring a Cannon, you will have maximum 2 shots with it, at high damage, so it can be a trump card, to finish a boss, or a PvP opponent.

Equip your weapons mainly with physical gems. Radial gems are very good for this purpose, so uncanny or lost versions of the weapons are unnecessary. Do not fear cursed gems, the build has a sufficient pool of HP to endure HP loss up to -9. No problem.

Concerning the Caryll runes, the Communion +5 rune helps you to heal your massive pool of HP by adding 5 blood vials; the Clockwise Metamorphosis +3 rune increases furthermore your HP pool by 15%; the Beast +3 rune facilitates the berserk mode and nullifies any fall damage. The Covenant Hunter of Hunters increases your stamina regeneration, helping to renew your small stamina pool. And also betray time to time some coop partners ^^

Eat a beast blood pellet, apply fire or bolt paper, and just smash your opponent with a short combo. That's the strat' of this build.





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