There are three (known) different endings available for Bloodborne. The endings will depend on whether or not you accept the decision given to you at the very ending of the game. Choosing Submit Your Life will unlock the first ending, while Refuse will unlock the other two endings, which will be chosen depending on whether certain criteria were met. It is worth noting that no matter which ending is chosen, you will be thrown directly into New Game + when the credits are over.

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Access to the End

After completing the Nightmare of Mensis. The player may travel back to the Hunter's Dream, and proceed to follow the path behind the tombstones, that are normally used to transport the player to various lamps around the game. Continue through the gate, and Gehrman, The First Hunter can be found at the top of this flowered hill, on the left.


SPOILER WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the end, or near-end, of the game. You have been warned.
Most of the information here is speculation, if you want detailed explanation of the lore in Bloodborne visit the lore section of the wiki.


Yharnam Sunrise:

How to get it:

The first ending in Bloodborne can be obtained by accepting Gehrman's offer.

When the player accepts/submits to Gehrman, he says "Farewell, my keen hunter. Fear the blood." With this, a cutscene ensues where the player is shown to turn around and kneel over. Gehrman stands up and puts his scythe to your neck, and with a swift cut decapitates the player. After a moment, the player is seen waking up with the sun having just risen and bells ringing in the distance. The Plain Doll is shown to be near what is most likely the player's grave, praying and saying "Farewell, good hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world." With this, the player obtains the "Yharnam Sunrise" trophy and the credits roll.


  • Rewards: "Yharnam Sunrise" trophy


Possible Explanation:

This ending heavily points to the idea that the entire game of Bloodborne is nothing more than a dream. When the player accepts Gehrman's offer, the death is a sign of the player waking up from his or her dream.
However, which one is dream and which one is reality is still debatable:
1. The Hunter's Dream is no more than a dream, Gehrman is indeed freeing you from the dream, and the player awakes at reality.
2. This can also be the opposite, the sunrise is the player's dream, which means the Hunter's Dream is actually the reality, and "awakening" is equal to an eternal death. Gehrman's intent could actually be preventing the birth of the Great One.


Honoring Wishes:

How to get it:

The second ending in Bloodborne can be obtained by refusing Gehrman's offer. Once the offer has been refused, the player cannot later accept the offer: the first ending is locked off. This ending cannot be achieved if the player has consumed three or more One Third of Umbilical Cord items over the course of the game, as consuming these items triggers the third ending. 

When the player refuses Gehrman, he says "Dear oh dear, what was it? The hunt, the blood, or the horrible dream?" After this he begins standing up, and afterwards says "Oh, it doesn't matter. It always comes down to the hunters' helper to clean up after these sorts of messes." He then pulls out a curved sword and attaches it to the long handle on his back, exclaiming "Tonight, Gerhrman joins the hunt..." With this, the player is thrown into a fight with Gehrman, The First Hunter.


If the player dies to Gehrman during the fight, he says "You must accept your death. Be freed from the night..." However, the game does not then end, and the player will respawn in the Hunter's Dream in front of the headstones. The field of flowers will be obscured by a boss fog gate. Gehrman will be hostile towards the player as soon as they re-enter the arena. The player must defeat Gehrman to end the game: they cannot change their mind about refusing Gehrman's offer.

When the player defeats Gehrman, he says "The night, and the dream, were long..." Upon his death, a cutscene ensues where the player is shown looking at the crimson moon with an ominous figure approaching. The player then slowly walks up to the figure, who then grabs the player and after a few seconds seems to incapacitate the player. After a blackout, the Plain Doll is shown pushing a wheelchair, and as the camera scrolls up the person in the wheelchair is revealed to be the player (as opposed to Gehrman). The Plain Doll kneels down beside the player and says "And so, the hunt begins again." A shot of the sky is shown wherein the moon has just risen. The player obtains the "Honoring Wishes" trophy and the credits roll.


  • Rewards: "Honoring Wishes" trophy; First Hunter Badge


Possible Explanation:

The entity that grabs you may be what the nightmare itself stems from, and the player is shown to take the place of Gehrman as the new watcher of dreams.


Childhood's Beginning (Secret Ending):

How to get it:

The third and final ending in Bloodborne can be obtained by refusing Gehrman's offer with additional criteria being met. The additional requirements are simple: the player must use three One Third of Umbilical Cord. Although there are four possible cords for the player to get in a single run, only three must be consumed. (consuming them is the only condition. It does not matter where or when you consume them, as long as it is before Gehrman dies. This includes consuming them after losing to Gehrman, and even consuming them during the fight.)  Consuming these items means the player can no longer achieve the Honoring Wishes ending.


This ending follows the same pattern as the second ending; however, once Gehrman is defeated, when the entity tries to grab the player a shining light appears and the entity is knocked back. The entity, now seemingly enraged, shakes its head and lets out a cry before challenging the player. This puts the player into a boss fight with Moon Presence. If the player dies to Moon Presence, they will respawn in front of the headstones in the Hunter's Dream, like with Gehrman. Once the player has defeated Moon Presence, rather than getting the usual PREY SLAUGHTERED message, they instead get a message saying NIGHTMARE SLAIN. After a moment, a cutscene is shown with the Plain Doll walking up to what appears to be a small slug-like creature whose colors and coat resembles that of the Moon Presence. The Plain Doll says "Are you cold...?" She then proceeds to pick up the slug and, after a small giggle, says "Oh, good hunter," with the cutscene ending and the player obtaining the "Childhood's Beginning" trophy.


  • Rewards: "Childhood's Beginning" trophy; First Hunter Badge

It's worth noting that the trophy title is curiously similar to Arthur C. Clarke's book "Childhood's End", which suggests that human beings may one day evolve past the need for a physical body and become beings of pure mind.


Possible Explanation: 

Now that the player has consumed a full umbilical cord, you essentially become a Great One, and so the Moon Presence can no longer do what it had initially planned to do to you and it becomes enraged and simply attacks the player.

Or as with ending the game with the fight against Gehrman, where the player takes his place as the "First hunter," the part where the doll picks up the slug and calls it ''good hunter'' may indicate that the player now assumed the role of the Moon Presence.

P.S. notes in Byrgenwerth have been found that read something like a child being born when a full blood moon hangs low. Later on, in Hypogean Gaol, a note reads "Nightmarish rituals crave a newborn. Find one, and silence its harrowing cry." It is possible that the umbilical cord belongs to the baby born under the full blood moon, however, it is unclear what the baby represents or who was the one that gave birth to it. It also seems to mean that the nightmare wants to kill you because after eating the umbilical cord it then thinks you're the infant and wants to kill you.

Peculiarity! This dark slug appeared before in DS1. It can be found in front of Lord's Blade Ciaran when she prays for Artorias. Alternatively, the "dark slug" is actually the plume of Artorias' helmet, albeit a very gracious, and smooth version of the plume. As Artorias exudes a strange dark slime, this is definitely possible, and yet the resemblances to The Great One Larva remain. It's possible that the plume is some kind of ethereally warped armor, like that of Outrider Knights, or The Berserker Armor.


Echoes Trick

There's a way to acquire Gehrman's Blood Echoes, despite having triggered the third ending.

Simply shut down the application during The Moon Presence's Encounter Cinematic. After booting the game back up, you will have acquired Gehrman's Echoes.

This trick can also be used to escape the Honoring Wishes Ending, and trigger the Childhood's Beginning Ending instead.

After booting the game back up, you need to consume 3 One Third Umbilical Cords and reload the Hunter's Dream for the ending to change.

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    • Anonymous

      so can someone explain something to me?
      when you get the bad ending you go to the city and the night is finally over
      what happens when you die in the city without the dream? you just die forever or you wake up from the dream and awake in the actuall world? ( our world)
      i am super confused
      please help

      • I always viewed the "Yharnam Sunrise" ending as the true ending, since it's the only one that The Doll refers to in NG+. It's also the only one that makes sense, if one views NG+ as canonical.

        • Anonymous

          Here's a good Route tip before entering NG+ immediately after killing Moon Presence. ( In NG your 1st playthro , just initiate the Gerhman fight while you have consumed 3-4 Umbilical Cords prior )... Ok now Kill Gerhman , then you get a Cut-scene where u immediately start fighting Moon Presence , just Bold Hunter Mark within that Fight to warp out. ( This is still your Current NG progress yet even after Killing Gerhman , what i did is that i started doing all Chalices and actually Had Fun doing it ). While also doing the Chalices i managed to get almost all Trophies , and also got the Best Blood Gems that are Phys. ATK +21.8%.... And i also got Level Boosted before starting NG+ aswell ( I did mostly all Chalices , uptill Yharnam Queen for the Trophy & the "Yharnam Stone" drop ). What happend is that before killing Gerhman even before starting Chalice Dungeons , i faced Gerhman with my Hunter Level 88 ( And with this Method doing all Chalices actually Boosted me uptill Blood Level 160 or so ). So started NG+ with my Hunter level 160 , ontop of that many fully upgraded +10 weapons & the best Blood Gems aswell... NG+ is challenging but it was a piece of cake for me that i mostly 1 Shotted all Bosses lol. From all of this Method i have reached NG+4 now without even breaking a sweat & having alot of Fun ( Even Chalices with Cursed/Defiled are soo challenging but still manageable ). Hope this helps , And also i forgot to mention this ( In doing most Chalices , you got extra more Blood Stone Chunks & a Blood Rock aswell uptill Depth 5's all of that and also getting many Insights for getting extra materials or even getting another Blood Rock just as you start NG+ ). Very solid method , but it needs time & playing for awhile patiently as oppose to a Rush Speed Run playthrough or so.... This was also a perfect build for me that i managed to get Bloodborne Platinum Trophy in my NG+4 run too... Enjoy ;)

          • Anonymous

            I just realized that the player hunter is not really crippled in ending 2. The wheelchair is a symbol of the fact they can finally rest, but Gehrman stands up and fights properly, so I think we can assume the good hunter also keeps their physical capabilities.

            I'm not sure if this reveals anything, but it kinda diminishes the impact of seeing your character in the chair.

            • In my opinion, I feel it's kinda BS to go immediately into NG+ just after defeating Gehrman or Moon Presence. I still want to co-op and stuff but oh well it's the game and I have to accept that

              • Anonymous

                The Pecularity! bit in the Possible Explanations part seems to be really stretching and is a pointless comparison that offers no explanation towards the ending

                • Anonymous

                  The third ending is badass. I want to see the Hunter as a Great One and the Doll going around killing cosmic beings instead of beasts.

                  • Anonymous

                    Becoming a great one is the good ending because the player is not originally a great one, so the player will not continue in the moon presence's path therefore everything will go back to normal, the moon presence's plans will be stopped, you have stopped the endless cycle of people being stuck in the dream and dying, and you are a good great one because you don't want anyone to go through this.

                    • Anonymous

                      Becoming a great one is the good ending because the player is not originally a great one, so the player will not continue in the moon presence's path therefore everything will go back to normal, the moon presence's plans will be stopped, you have stopped the endless cycle of people being stuck in the dream and dying, and you are a good great one because you don't want anyone to go through this.

                      • Anonymous

                        Becoming a great one is the good ending because the player is not originally a great one, so the player will not continue in the moon presence's path therefore everything will go back to normal, the moon presence's plans will be stopped, you have stopped the endless cycle of people being stuck in the dream and dying, and you are a good great one because you don't want anyone to go through this.

                        • Anonymous

                          Yharnam Sunrise will always be my favourite ending because it’s so different to traditional heroic endings. The hunter has seen some***** and after doing their part in the hunt they take Gehrman’s offer and leave it all behind. Sometimes you just need to know when enough is enough.

                          • Anonymous

                            tbh, im kinda hopeful with the final ending. lets say you keep your consious, why would you stop slaying nightmares/great ones? could you now battle them in their reality as a moon presence to attempt to break the cycle of being minuscule ants?

                            • Anonymous

                              So, there I am, going for the Yarhnam Sunrise Ending where I've given my character the Bordeaux Dress and Arianna's shoes only for me to look like I have no clothing and equipped the Beast's Embrace rune. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting that. Has anyone else encountered this?

                              • Anonymous

                                I can't comprehend how epic this story is. In the end a literal God descends into the dream. Thinking that we are a successor to Gehrman he grabs you and tries to turn you but then he discovers the truth: You are here to succeed Him. A fight breaks out, the monster is ferocious but not strong enough to best the Hunter. The great beast falls, the red moon is gone.. ..and a new Great One is born.

                                • Anonymous

                                  In the end. Does it really matter which ending you choose? I mean: 1. If you allow Gehrman to kill you, the hunter is saved from the dream meanwhile the First Hunter remains still there. 2.If you kill Gehrman and then allow Moon Presence to turn you. You'll take Gehrman's place as a gatekeeper. 3.If you kill them both, you take controll over the dream. All in all, it is just a matter of perspective: Which choice would make YOU happy?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    How I see it: - The blood ministration/beast plague phenomenon is somehow linked to the Great Ones and their method of reproduction (using humans to produce infant Great Ones). - However, though the beast plague is needed for the Great Ones, it is also a problem - the parasite needs to keep its host (the city of Yharnam) alive, or it can't use them anymore. - Therefore, the Great Ones created (or co-opted?) the hunters. The hunters mitigate the beast plague, so the city survives, and the Great Ones' reproduction cycle goes on. This is why the Moon Presence sustains the hunter's dream through Gehrman. - So the meaning of the ending(s) is that no matter what you do, you cannot defeat the Great Ones or break free of the cycle. If you defeat Gehrman, you take his place in the dream; if you defeat the Moon Presence, you take its place as a Great One. Whatever your choice, the dream, the hunt, and the parasitic reproduction of the Great Ones goes on. Even if you wake from the dream, the cycle goes on, and there's no guarantee that you won't be brought into it again on another night for a new hunt (this could be the meaning of NG+ in a meta way).

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