Constable Set

Physical DEF 270 bolt DEF 250
Strike Defense 240 slow poison RES 98
VS. thrust 220 rapid poison RES 80
blood DEF 230 frenzy RES 62
arcane DEF 220 beasthood 141
fire DEF 250  

Constable Set is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne. It was added with The Old Hunters expansion.


Constable Set Information

"Once upon a time a troupe of foreign constables chased a beast all the way to Yahrnam, and this is what they wore.
The constables became victims of the beast, except for one survivor, who in turn devoured the creature whole, all by himself.
The fable is a favorite among Yahrnamites, who are partial to any stories of pompous, intolerant foreigners, who suffer for their ignorance. It makes the blood taste that much sweeter."



Constable Set Location

  • Master's Iron Helm: First, speak to Valtr in the Forbidden Woods to join The League. Next, obtain and crush five Vermin before speaking to Valtr again. Finally, reset the area to find Valtr gone and the helm on the floor. Another option is to kill Valtr and retrieve his helmet which he drops after killed.
  • The remaining three pieces are found separately within The Hunter's Nightmare, starting with the area after passing the Nightmare Cathedral
  • Constable's Gloves: Open the shortcut to the first lamp. From the lamp enter the shortcut and walk up the hill and to the right around the corner.
  • Constable's Trousers: Using the shortcut from the first lamp, walk straight down the stairs and to the right. Found on a dead body guarded by fourBloodlickers.
  • Constable's Garb: In the next area with a Beast Cutter Hunter NPC, reached after passing under a rocky arch just after the group of four Bloodlickers, climb up the ladder and drop down onto a wooden beam from a gap in the fence. The platform opposite has a corpse on it, which has the chest piece. 




  • Note 1
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Constable Set Pieces

Master's Iron Helm 60 20 50 50 20 20 0 6 10 13 23
Constable's Garb 90 100 70 80 100 110 120 44 35 23 52
Constable Gloves 60 60 50 50 50 60 60 23 17 12 31
Constable Trousers 60 60 50 50 50 60 70 25 18 14 35
  Totals 270 240 220 230 220 250 250 98 80 62 141


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