Inflicted Organ

Special material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.

Special body parts collected by the Healing Church. What was this gruesome bait used to lure?

The additional rite Rotted Offering beckons ungodly forces, normally terrifying things, but also worthy prey for a special hunt.

Inflicted Organ is a consumable material Item in Bloodborne.


Inflicted Organ Usage



*2 can be found in the Cursed and Defiled Chalice in the bonus area on layer 2 before the Watchdog boss fight. The chest is guarded by a Watcher. There is also some ritual blood 5 in a chest nearby.

  • In the Nightmare of Mensis, after the Micolash, Host of the Nightmare boss fight, head outside, take a left, take the green cage elevator down and you will see a huge opening in the side of the building. Jump off the elevator and into this opening and you will find a chest with the Inflicted Organ.
  • Occasional drop from Greatsword wielding Mummies guarding treasure chests (such as the side room before the boss in Lower Pthumerian Labrynth Layer 3)
  • Could be dropped by Tomb Guardian (easy farm in Lower Pthumerian Labrynth Layer 1 pre-lamp)
  • Can be bought from Insight Messenger Shop in NG+ for 2 Insight



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    • Anonymous

      It dosen't even say you can get them from Labyrinth Warriors on this Page, Thank you Dextralife, very Cool

      • Anonymous

        I made this video to show where exactly you can farm the Inflicted Organ. Hope this helps!

        • Guys, theres over 15 inflicted organs in my chalice Rotted Fetifd Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice. 5 in a chest in layer 3 and 10 in chests in layer 4. There's also a Great Deep Sea rune in layer 3 and a Deep Sea in layer 4. And its a pretty challenging chalice. Even in level 100 I had problems with it. The down side is that is infested with witches that summons those awful shotel creatures... Glyph: pryshihx

          • Anonymous

            This may be of use to some people. My dungeon with glyph code e75tx77d contains 6 inflicted organs One is in a chest on the second layer Then on the third layer there is one chest with four and another one with one. Dungeon also contains lost saw cleaver on second or third layer. It's quite easy to get to the third layer because bosses on the first two layers are easy (beast-possessed soul and merciless watchers) I will keep the dungeon up for a week or so to gauge interest. If it's popular, I'll keep it up longer.

            • Anonymous

              check out my youtube playlist which details where you can obtain every chalice material The guide shows both enemies to farm and chest locations

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