Circle Blood Gems

Name & Icon Location/Drop By

Bloodtinge_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_circle_small.pngBloodtinge Gemstone

add Blood ATK +flat

Bloodtinge_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_circle_small.png Odd Bloodtinge Gemstone

Effect: Add blood ATK +flat

Bloodtinge_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_circle_small.png Warm Blood Gemstone

Effect: Increases Bloodtinge scaling
Effect: Add blood ATK +flat

Pulsing_Damp_Blood_Gem_(5)_circle_small.png Pulsing Blood Gem

Effect: HP continues to recover
  • Note: Since guns neither use up durability nor do they need stamina to fire, cursed gems with the negative effect "increases stamina cost" or "WPN durability DOWN" are essentially flawless gems for guns.



Circle Gem Blue.png Circle Gem Greater Blue.png Circle Gem Cursed.png

    • Anonymous

      31 Mar 2018 09:13  

      I found one with +fire atk, cant remember if it was a fire circular or bloodtinge with secondary, not on list? Can't remember where I found it but was amazing on gatling gun

      • Anonymous

        28 Jan 2017 19:15  

        I have a Cursed Damp Bloodtinge Gem, rating 15, Blood ATK UP +28.1%. Best one I've found, not sure where I found it.

        • Anonymous

          cursed warm damp blood gem ( circle )05 Jul 2016 14:35  

          Got from a gun wielding watcher in great pthumeru ihyll chalice dungeon. Stats are bloodtinge scaling up 23.4 and attack down 7.9%

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