Hunter Chief Emblem

A cloth emblem that belonged to the captain of the Church hunters long ago. Opens the main gate that leads to the round plaza of the Great Cathedral.

The main gate is shut tight on nights of the hunt, and could only be opened from the other side with this emblem. In other words, the captain's return, and this emblem, determined the end of the hunt.

Hunter Chief Emblem is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Hunter Chief Emblem Usage

  • Used to open the main gate to boss at the Grand Cathedral (can be opened from the other side by dropping to the bottom of Healing Church and using an elevator). That is the locked gate up the stairs past the first Reaper. This emblems allows you to gain access to the area with Black Church Set.







  • The description tells that it once belonged to the Chief Hunter, probably Ludwig.



Hunter Chief Gate.png


Hunter Chief Gate Messengers 2.png



    • Anonymous

      14 Feb 2018 02:07  

      I got the hunters chief emblem and used it to cover my chief. It makes one hell of a loincloth, I can now wipe as I run.

      • Anonymous

        21 Jul 2017 21:45  

        I could've sworn this thing was worth 20,000 not 10,000.

        Maybe I'm remembering something from another Souls game.

        • Anonymous

          12 Nov 2016 00:28  

          I say this might be a talisman of the gods, the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge says "These Hunters, Also known as Holy Blades, are what remains of an ancient line of heroes that date back to a very early age of honor and chivalry." heck, even the iron Yahar'gul Helm states "Removing the hood reveals something reminiscent of a warrior of a previous age." Maybe ludwig or someone else knew a bit about miracles from dark/demon souls. Heck, i feel the blue energy of most arcane attacks seems close enough to sorcery to me...

          • Anonymous

            translation error?05 Jul 2016 14:54  

            This is Obviously an Handkerchief, I wonder if they got the name wrong when they translated the game to english.... it sounds very close to Hunter Chief LOL

            • Anonymous

              excellent05 Jul 2016 14:54  

              I attached this to the end of my sword and It was like whoooooosh. and then I killed a werewolf and got 7000 blood echos.

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