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hp blood echoes Condition Classification
None None Dead NPC
physical DEF VS blunt VS thrust --
?? ?? ?? --
blood DEF arcane DEF fire atk bolt DEF
?? ?? ?? ??
slow poison RES rapid poison RES VS beasts VS kin
?? ?? ?? ??

Laurence is a non-player character in Bloodborne. He is an optional boss in The Old Hunters.

Even though we never directly see Laurence's face, we do hear his voice and is given some story for him. He is an optional boss in Bloodborne's DLC, The Old Hunters. Laurence became the first Cleric Beast and can be encountered within the Hunter's Nightmare as an optional boss. He seeks his human skull, (see Laurence's Skull for more information) and upon discovering it on the player hunter, he charge an assault at you in his now beastly form known as, Laurence, The First Vicar.



"No, but you will never listen.  I tell you, I will not forget our adage... I must take my leave."



  • Laurence was a student of back at Bergynwerth.
  • He left Bergynwerth after he felt that Willem's works were pointless, and decided to use the "Old Blood" in order to accomplish his goals.
  • Upon leaving Bergynwerth, Laurence says that he will not forget his adage with Provost Willem ("Fear the Old Blood"), yet he completely disregards the adage and makes use of it.
  • Laurence knew the use of the Old Blood was forbidden, yet he thought (theoretically) that if he can contain the Old Blood and only give in small amounts, then it would only have healing and benevolent proporties.  For a good while, it worked, until the issue of Ashen Blood arose in Old Yharnam, and all of it's citizens became beasts while Old Yharnam burned to the ground.
  • Laurence divulged in the Old Blood, and eventually founded the Healing Church, to which he was the First Vicar.  He also encouraged his members to divulge in the Old Blood as well (as seen with Vicar Amelia).
  • Unfortunately, Laurence was inevitably corrupted by the Old Blood, and became a Cleric Beast.  He was killed (Unkown exactly by who) and his deformed skull was placed in the Grand Cathedral.  After you defeat Vicar Amelia, you can interact with the skull and reveal a conversation between Willem and Laurence, and you learn the password to the Forbidden Woods is the adage between Willem and Laurence ("Fear the Old Blood").
  • In the Old Hunters DLC, you can pick up Laurence's "human" skull, to which it will say Laurence is looking for it, meaning even in a Hunter's Nightmare, Laurence still tries to retain his last shred of hummanity.


Other Notes:

  • Laurence the First Vicar is an optional boss, yet it is recommended that you do defeat him for the trophy in the Old Hunters DLC.

  • Laurence founded the Healing Church, and appointed Ludwig as it's First Hunter.

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