Upper Cathedral Key

The key to the Upper Cathedral Ward seal.

The upper echelons of the Healing Church are formed by the School of Mensis, based in the Unseen Village, and the Choir occupying the Upper Cathedral Ward.

This key brings one a step closer to the Choir.

Upper Cathedral Key is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Upper Cathedral Key Usage



  • To find the upper cathedral key, one needs to go to lamp: Yahar'gul Chapel on the third headstone after the blood moon stage has begun, turn left, and go up the stairs past the group of old hags, near the left set of stairs that you will find ahead is a hole in the fence, drop down there. Head inside the building and jump down in the hole inside the room. You're now in a prison cell with a dead body and the key

 Drop location


  • You'll run up the stairs and focus on the fence on the left hand side there you'll see the gap.



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    • Anonymous

      Bunch of ****ing babies on here, follow the description it will take you right to it. It’s not hard…stop whining about a FREE wiki that somebody took their time to make…take the info given a use it if you can’t find it still then maybe try a new game or you know get gud scrubs…

      • Anonymous

        Really wish such a major item wasn't in an area with constantly respawning enemies. Never would've found this on my own because that area is such a mess to deal with I don't have the time to look around for an innocuous hole in the fencing.

        • Anonymous

          i don't get all the trouble people have with the discription, i found it perfectly without looking around

          • Anonymous

            Whoever wrote the Location section must be a *****ing idiot. The only useful information I got out of this is that it's near the *****ing lamp, but not which way. Would going into a tiny bit more detail kill you? If you don't know how to write, then don't *****ing do it because all you're going to do are confusing the hell out of people.

            • Anonymous

              Whoever wrote this doesn't know what a plateau is. From the Yaargul Chapel lamp, go up the lasered stairs, PAST the plateau with the 4 old ladies, and into the area with the tree and the firebombing old ladies. The gap in the fence is on your left, just before the small stairs.

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