Yharnam Stone

A sacred heirloom left by Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen.

The Queen lies dead, but her horrific consciousness is only asleep, and it stirs in unsettling motions.

Yharnam Stone is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Yharnam Stone Usage

  • No further use than proving your accomplishment.
  • Unlocks Ritual Blood (4) from bath messengers.





  • Stays in your inventory when moving to NG+
  • This item may also be there to represent the queen's immortality (Much like the Queenly Flesh dropped from Annalise). However unlike Annalise, Yharnam cannot be revived.



  • One could reasonably assume that this is a so called Lithopedion, a calcified, unborn, dead fetus.







    • 24 May 2018 22:29  

      Wow. Just wow. Why was sYharnam so easy? This other guy slashed at her with highly upgraded beast claws, while I backstabbed her with +10 Blade of Mercy. She never even touched me. He got hit by one of her AOE's, but got up and healed. He also got caught by her stuns, but when he did, I backstabbed her. In a way, I'm glad it wasn't hard, but kinda disappointed she went down so easily.

      • Anonymous

        30 Mar 2018 06:28  

        If there ever is a sequel to Bloodborne I’d love it if the game somehow could look at your save file or trophy data and have this item show up in your inventory if you got it in the first game. Then have it trigger something special in the sequel.

        • Anonymous

          11 Feb 2018 05:55  

          I have a feeling that this was at one time a required object for a secret side mission but was never put into effect. That or it unlocked some special gear with the messagers, perhaps even unlocked some hidden lore dialogue with an NPC, like Master Willem for example.

          • Anonymous

            20 Sep 2017 02:01  

            A bit disappointed the stone does nothing, but still an awesome achievement none the less. The fight was really cool, reminded me of fighting Adramelech in Castlevania COTM.

            • Anonymous

              18 Jul 2017 07:55  

              Sure, it does virtually nothing, but I think it primarily acts as a key to the lore itself. It makes sense that it would be the stillborn body of Mergo, and with this knowledge we can surmise that Mergo now exists only in voice--you know, just like Oedon. It also resembles the Blood Dregs, as if this is a failed attempt at producing the "Child of Blood" that Annalise desires, and it could even be the "Holy Medium" discovered by Byrgenwerth. Perhaps what the game means by "the Queen lies dead, but her horrific consciousness stirs in unsettling motions" is that Yharnam, though her body is dead, still has an attachment to the Dream through her maternal instincts, as if this object itself is what sustained her will. This is why she doesn't fight the Hunter when she's found in Mergo's Loft--she realizes she needs the Hunter to intervene in order to release Mergo from its torment. Doing so finally puts her at rest, at least until the cycle restarts, as evidenced by the way she stops weeping and bows before quietly vanishing.

              She probably went through a lot of*****.

              • Anonymous

                15 Feb 2017 00:30  

                The first thought is the ghost somewhere in dungeons, which doesn't harm one and just prays at gravestone, but I'll not going to check 'cause I don't remember where.

                • Anonymous

                  Materials 4 & 519 Sep 2016 08:32  

                  It allows purchase of Ritual Blood 4 and Tomb Mold 4 at Echos messager bath for 40,000-48,000 literally no other use that I have found.

                  • Anonymous

                    awakening stone bug05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                    i just killed the queen in ng+ with only a few early game lamps activated. when i went to the hunters dream my unseen awakening stone had turned on. it was a blank list when i looked at it. i pushed x and my game crashed. perhaps tehre is a half working trigger for the yarnham stone/queens death? has this happened to anyone else or can someone try to duplicate it?

                    • Anonymous

                      yarnam stone.05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                      Does not change materials in dungeons. Had all the same unlocked items when i finally got the stone. Checked.

                      • Anonymous

                        Unlocks05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                        I can confirm it unlocks Coldblood Flower bud, Living String, and Red Jelly for the insight vendor

                        • Anonymous

                          Abandoned Workshop05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                          Anybody try taking this to the Doll in the Abandoned Workshop? For some reason I feel that the doll there is not simply there for decoration or lore...

                          • Anonymous

                            Other Amygdala outside the ward05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                            I tried getting grabbed by the Amygdala outside the Cathedral Ward, but it did nothing other than demolish 80% of my health. However, I was only missing the nurse, Gerhman and the presence to kill before the end of the game, so maybe if it was done earlier on?

                            • Anonymous

                              Another Cthulhu Reference05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                              "The Queen lies dead, but her horrific consciousness is only asleep" Much like Cthulhu is "dead but dreaming". Can't get enough of these Lovecraftian vibes and eldritch horror themes. Honestly hoping for more story related dlc...

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