Ring of Betrothal is a Key Item in Bloodborne.

"The inhuman beings known as the Great Ones imbued this Ring of Betrothal with some special meaning.Ring of Betrothal.png
In the age of the Great Ones, wedlock was a blood contract, only permitted to those slated to bear a special child."


Ring of Betrothal Usage



  • Chalice Dungeons (Very rare reward)
  • Can be found in Pthumeru Ihyll Root chalice dungeon using fetid offering with this glyph 5bfq7tyk
  • Can be found in Pthymeru Ihyll Root chalice dungeon using this glyph e99tdh9f. Found in the first bonus area.
  • Can be found in Pthymeru Ihyll Root chalice dungeon, glyph hpq3bhda. In the side area just before the floor 1 boss room. Take the ladder past the two fire swordsman and the Tomb Prospector. The ring is in a sarcophagus guarded by a merciless watcher.
  • Can be found in Pthymeru Ihyll Root chalice dungeon, glyph: 7thikhi4. Layer 1 Pre-Boss Side area in a room guarded by a Merciless Watcher


  • Was reportedly found in a sarcophagus in Pthumeru Ihyll Root dungeon (depth 5, layer 3) using Fetid and Rotted offerings.



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    • Anonymous

      Found one at chalice 6mmdnwqn, layer 2 optional area, inside a sarcophagus. No additional rituals at this chalice, just regular dungeon, easy enough to grab.

      • Anonymous

        It would seem that the Ring of Betrothal is further proof that any character you can make is far too ****in’ ugly to ever be accepted into a relationship.

        • Anonymous

          I have a feeling this has something to do with the Prostitute, she is the one that ends up bearing a great one. Might have to be in ng+ to propose to her after you've acquired great respect

          • Anonymous

            Based on the description it would make sense to be able to offer this to Arianna right? Having to bear a special child and all.

            • Anonymous

              Found one on layer three pre boss bonus room glyph: rieqfcys Right before you fight Mr humph spamming retard

              • Anonymous

                Seems to me that, considering we have people who can/have hacked all through the game files, we can all rest assured that there is no secret parameter to using this ring successfully. If there was, surely the people going through the files would have found it by now. Hopefully now we can all lay this to rest.

                • Anonymous

                  I found the Ring as the final reward in the pre-boss side dungeon on layer 3, right before the Pthumerian Elder. No additional rites whatsoever, completely vanilla, first run through. I wasn't even playing online. Definitely could have just gotten ridiculously lucky, but now I'm curious about whether it is truly as rare as believed? Based on this experience, it seems additional rites are not necessary to find it, although I cannot say if they would raise the chances.

                  • Anonymous

                    e9xb2af5 - Rotted Pthumeru Ihyll, layer 3. Found in a sarcophagus guarded by a Labyrinth Madman. Watch out for Hemwick witches.

                    • Anonymous

                      2bmb7537 -Foetid Ihyll, Layer 3. Ring of Betrothal is located in the side area before the last boss gate. 2nd story of the grand hall, take the corridor to the left side from the entrance and go up the stairs. There will be two rooms, one with Keeper of the Old Lords and his demon dogs, the other with a coffin guarded by numerous spiders and a Labyrinth Sage. The ring is in the coffin.

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