Iron Door Key

Of the three great bridges that link the two cathedral cradles, this key opens the iron door that leads to the midlevel bridge.

There are no thieves in the nightmare. Then, why lock a door? Be warned, there must be a very, very good reason.

Iron Door Key is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Iron Door Key Usage

  • Opens the Iron Door in the Micolash, Host of the Nightmare boss fight room.
  • When entering the boss room, the Iron Door is on the left along the bookshelves.



  • In Nightmare of Mensis, in the Micolash, Host of the Nightmare boss fight area, on a corpse in the basement of the second foggy room.
  • When entering the second foggy room, turn left all the way, then turn right all the way, down into the room where you will find the key at the end on a corpse.



  • The player can visit this area during or after the boss fight.
  • The single Blood Rock material available per story playthrough can be found in the area behind the Iron Door.



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    • Anonymous

      Most useless key item in Bloodborne hands down, I have never had to use this door and I've done nearly 20 ng cycles. Why does this exist???

      • Anonymous

        So I just discovered today that you can use the key from the boss room side, and now I kind of wish that this was the normal path of progression. Just put a ladder leading out of the pit by the brain lever and make some adjustments to the shortcut you jump from to get to the Winter Lantern bridge. The frenzy can be annoying, but I almost feel like it would be worth it to have all the players go through the process of getting frenzied from a distance at the beginning of the nightmare, then right after Mikolash finding out PRECISELY what it was the whole time.

        • Anonymous

          I died by the brain after i lifted the bridge.
          I didnt light another lamp and i dont know how to continue.

          • Anonymous

            This is located right after the boss fight. After leaving the final boss room hang a right and go down the stairs. Its on a corpse at the end of the room

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