Coldblood Flower Bulb


Material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.

Pale vegetation that commonly grows on coldblood in a place long abandoned, said to mature slowly in close proximity to death, and eventually bloom.

Coldblood Flower Bulb is an consumable ritual material Item in Bloodborne.


Coldblood Flower Bulb Usage




  • Ailing Loran Layer 2 Loot room after finishing layer 1 boss.
  • Becomes available from the Messenger shop in New Game +, can be bought for 4 Insight 



  • Player note 1




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    • Anonymous

      If you are in a pinch and need to farm any of the following:

      Coldblood Flowerbed
      Coldblood Flower Bulb
      Blooming Coldblood Flower

      Go to lower loran (not the root chalice), layer three.

      If you go straight out of the spawn into the room across the hall and kill the two reinforcement callers, there is a door at the top that leads to two clerics on the balcony. Easy to kill and repeat farm. Drop rates aren't great but they can drop all three flower buds.

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